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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prickly Pear Jelly

With Abby on the road to recovery, it was well past time I had some fun in the kitchen.

Derek had found some prickly pear this past weekend and it has been killing me knowing they were in there just waiting to be eaten.

Fresh I am not a huge fan, not bad at all, just very bland. Once you cook them, add a little lemon juice, plenty of sugar they warp into something really remarkable.

A touch of tart from the lemon, a slight watermelon undertone and the strongest flavor to my taste buds was a fresh cherry flavor.

Not to mention the color- talk about vivid! I had read on a few blogs that it stains the finger badly, but honestly I think pomegranates or beets stain far worse.

Not sure when-if Abby will be up this batch to try but it was fun to make it. I had a slight reaction myself to it, doesn't mean Abby will react, but doesn't exactly reassure me that she won't. Won't be wasted! Derek and Sara will enjoy this batch if Abby and I end up steering clear.

Not really a recipe. I simply peeled the pears, chopped and cooked for awhile till soft. Pushed them through a sieve to remove the zillion tiny seeds. Then added an equal amount of sugar, the juice of 2 lemons and cooked until it gelled. (test on a cold plate kept in the freezer)


Anonymous said...

gosh so pretty....I wish we could get em up here in the cold north...lol
We do buy the leaves and ferment them with other veggies cuz they are so good for the gut. The first bite is a test....it is kinda like eating snot!!! But very healing and tasty!!

Diane said...

The fruit thankfully has no snot like texture! :-) I just loved how vibrant it was- plus the taste was nice, but even if it did not taste, I would eat just for the color! :-) I miss some of the Northern stuff- like spring strawberries, blackberries- berries grow here but the flavor is blah compared to the North.. fresh pears and apples.. :-) I do love that we have access to many foods here. Houston is the most diverse city in the Country these days, so far the only thing I won't eat again is okra!!! LOl tried it fried, baked,roasted, boiled, in gumbo's- still just cannot eat it! :-)

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