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Monday, October 21, 2013

Will it Ever go Away?

As we ease past worry and are sliding into weary, her fever is back.. I swear, this is the bug that will never end!

In some ways she is slowly doing better. In other ways not much improvement. The dumping continues and she is starting to look down right scrawny.

The fever is low so figuring this is just part of the course and not anything secondary. Besides a tiny cough nothing new.

The leg pain seems to come and go. Yesterday afternoon it was pretty bad.

This morning though she is moving around more on her own without me hauling her with the wheelchair. Which means she must be absorbing something to keep her moving, very reassuring to see her on her own two feet, though tired feet.

I said I hoped by weds we would be past this, and we are still hopeful. I have been reading about a lot of families being hit with a similar virus that lasts well past a week.

She has been really rashy yesterday and this morning, just touching her and she welts. I guess she is just sensitive right now.

Hoping she will be to get some good rest and hoping she will eat a little more. Not much appetite yet. Today and tomorrow I am going to be cooking all her favorites and hoping something will have enough appeal to get her to eat more then a few bites.


Anonymous said...

Sure hope it passes soon for her and you... I know last Feb here there was a pretty rotten virus here. We all had it in one form or another. Ugh I hate cough/cold/flu season.

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