WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Garden Variety Cold

Thankfully, my panic was unnecessary! Yesterday morning it was clear it was likely a garden variety cold.

The only troubling part is her kidney's are complaining, but that is all part of it any cold or other illness or allergy always irritates her kidneys. Hoping by the end of today the cold part will be over.

So close to our favorite holidays I am really hoping she stays healthy enough to enjoy the efforts we put into creating an Abby safe holiday spread.

Since the ill fated IVIg(SubQ) treatment we have noticed changes. She is MORE sensitive to corn now. Not good at all. Though, at least we know quickly if it has corn contamination, she reacts in minutes instead of delayed or building reactions to mild amounts.

Ferments which were limited before, are completely out now.

She now gets huge marble swelling under and above her eyes in a reaction. (kidneys for her only do the upper lid..)

Still has a knot and bruise on her leg, though finally starting to fade.

Abby was already pretty sensitive to corn(though I know plenty who are more sensitive) and now it shocking how quickly she reacts to the smallest hidden contamination. Though, some items I know the corn sensitive cannot touch, she is still tolerating, so I guess it could be worse right?

The Allergist/Immunologist would like Abby to try it again at a safe dose(tiny dose), I am really torn. I know a lot of folks really benefit from this treatment. She sorely needs a break from the constant colds and flu.. but I refuse to put her through treatments that simply don't have benefit for the sake of "treating" her. We keep putting off another run at it because Abby just has yet to bounce back. I figure something will help us decide what to do next. All of the IVIg treatments are loaded with corn. Abby gets steroid diabetes from steroids and reacts to benadryl- so pre-treatment isn't really an option.

The saga of her toenails and feet continue. Time to make another Podiatrist appointment for her. Another "granuloma" is forming under her cuticle. We are changing podiatrists because I really want a second opinion to make sure that is what is going on. She is showing some lumps from walking on the outside of her feet(hips/knee low tone issue) and I just want to see if there is something we can do. Considering shoes are too uncomfortable(they all tear her skin, her skin is very delicate I have spent hundreds of dollars trying for custom shoes- no go) and is wearing mostly ballet slippers I cannot think there would be a splint of any kind she would tolerate, but still before we say no at least should make sure that the changes in her feet are due to the muscle and joint issues.

This month we are going to see if Abby can handle the dentist again. We had to cancel last month she had been just too sick.

So really our lives are pretty normal right now. As long as her body doesn't decide to make fevers a habit, I think we will be able to cruise along well through the holidays.

Abby tried some carob powder the other day. Of course she got the cold in the middle of us trying it, so not sure whether it is safe for her or not. She seemed fine with the carob, but had a few potential cross reaction symptoms(burning lips, stomach etc) but since she had a cold we are going to have to start over. Abby and I sure hope it is okay! In the 20 years since I have eaten carob, I was quite impressed with the flavor. Mix it with the right ingredients and to us at least, it just tastes like some version of chocolate. It sure would be fun to bake some "chocolate" recipes :-)


Anonymous said...

I found some interesting new things and am passing it along to you. These are herbs....and we are going to try some of them...so I thought I would post it here for you to see. Glad she seems better.


Diane said...

Thank you! You always have the best shares and tips! I will look at if for sure! :-)

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