WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, November 18, 2013

MSG=Mito Toxic

Link to page via the UMDF:

MSG (monosodium glutamate) has for years been known to cause migraine headaches in otherwise healthy individuals, and may trigger these events in susceptible people with mitochondrial disease. MSG is frequently added to Chinese (and other Asian) foods, and is also found in high levels of dried and canned soup. Read the label and avoid MSG if there is any sensitivity.

MSG TRUTH Website:
"If you have the heart to keep reading after learning about the Codex Alimentarius, in addition to what is on the Codex list, most fast food establishments should be avoided - the worst offender by far is KFC®. It should become obvious as well, that the foods most likely to give someone an MSG reaction at ANY restaurant are: CHICKEN and SAUSAGE products, RANCH dressing, PARMESAN items, GRAVY, and DIPPING SAUCES and fries with any kind of seasoning on them except plain salt. FLAVORED salty snack chips - ESPECIALLY Doritos® and Cheetos® and items with cheese powder added.
At regular restaurants, you want to avoid PARMESAN encrusted ANYTHING, SOUPS, CEASAR salad, FISH SAUCE or EXTRACT, SOY SAUCE, BOARS HEAD® COLD CUTS and beef jerky (usually made with soy sauce) and anything that comes out of a can. Go to restaurants that make things from scratch - you can ask what is in food and also ask for special items without the offending ingredients. You WILL be glad you spoke up BEFORE you eat the wrong thing. DON'T smother your choice in the parmesan cheese at the table either- Parmesan cheese is 1% straight MSG by weight.

At your friend's and relatives' homes - the hardest place to avoid MSG - avoid your aunt's "secret" recipe, anything that has Accent® in it, anything with a boullion cube or meat extract or "seasoning" packet, the Latino seasoning Goya Sazon®, Lawry's® seasoning salt, Gravy Master®, tuna with "broth" or hydrolyzed or autolysed ANYTHING on the label, potato chip dip or hamburgers with Lipton's® Onion Soup Mix in them, Vegetable dips with Knorr® vegetable soup mix in it, Italian foods smothered in Parmesan cheese, Hamburger Helper, canned soups - especially Progresso® and tomato or mushroom soup, the "green bean casserole" heck, ANY casserole. Check packages of prepared baked items and avoid any with soy protein, casein, wheat gluten, malted barley, and non-fat dried milk as an ingredient. Avoid aspartame, Nutrasweet®, "diet" drinks and artificially sweetened desserts. If you aren't sure - just eat the raw vegetables but don't dip them - eat them plain. Skip the hotdogs and cold cuts altogether unless you know they are safe. Have some iced tea and add plain sugar and fresh lemon. BRING foods you can eat so you aren't tempted and weak when your relatives ask why you aren't eating their prized recipe - and you cave in and poison yourself just to make them happy. Avoid Ultra-pasteurized dairy products, cheeses, cream, and half and half with carageenan added. Look for plain Pasteurized whole milk to put in your plain coffee and avoid low fat and non-fat milk - because low fat dairy products usually have dried, high-free glutamate, non-fat dried milk added to boost the protein content. "

PLEASE visit MSG TRUTH to find out where the poison is hiding, and remember, even the UMDF posted a warning about MSG.

MSG is in your McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chinese Food, and hiding in a zillion other places. A little Clip about the golden arches-

"McDonald's® updated 03-11-13
Although McDonald's has "cleaned their labels" of added MSG, they overuse autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein, and natural flavors which they admit contain wheat and dairy hydrolysates (thanks to the allergen labeling law) - which contain free glutamate and act exactly like MSG.
Angus Beef Seasoning
Big Mac sauce
Ranch dressings and dipping sauces
Most Chicken Products including
Chicken McNuggets
Chicken Selects
Crispy Chicken Filet
Chili Lime Tortilla Strips
Hash Browns
French Fries - the "seasoning" added to the oil the fries are precooked in contains hydrolzyed wheat and milk
The "seasoning" is made from beef, wheat and milk, processed to break down the proteins into free amino acids like glutamate. US laws allow "natural flavoring" to consist of "protein hydrolysates" containing free glutamic acid. That's why they do it - to free glutamate to act like MSG so they can declare a "clean label" while misleading the consumer.

Two disturbing things about McDonald's menu is the copious use of phosphates - a food additive that was widely used to prepare before a colonoscopy but is now not used because it was found to damage the kidneys. It pulls water from the body and can cause diarrhea. Also, hydrogenated fats were everywhere on this menu. McDonalds may be bragging about cleaning up their labels by hiding MSG, but they have a long way to go to get off this avoid list.

Don't just take our word for it. Here is the latest McDonalds® Ingredient Webpage"

The MSG Truth also gives information on KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and many other chains that have MSG that sensitive Mito Patients should avoid.

MSG is TOXIC to sensitive Mitochondrial Disease Patients.

Don't eat it. Don't feed it to your kids, and if they advertise it is MSG Free? Don't just believe them they may not directly add the MSG but some of the products they use may already have MSG added. Or it could be another compound that has "natural glutamate' which once processed is often as damaging.

Did you know that vaccines have MSG? (MSG TRUTH) How about chewable vitamins and over the counter medicines? IF they have MSG or the processed equivalent, it is BAD BAD BAD for your sensitive Mitochondria.

You can help your mitochondria be as healthy as it can be by avoiding the packaged, processed food industry. Try it, your Mitochondria are going to thank you! It isn't as hard as the American Manufacturing world tries to make you think.

Believe me, just two years ago I blissfully ate all this poison and fed it to Abby. I even asked the Drs. if it could be contributing, most of them said, no, not contributing. Looking back I almost wonder if they just figured she was a goner, so why bother? Thankfully, by removing all of it her health has stabilized the progression has slowed significantly. Even if it had not, I could not bring myself to knowingly feed her something that was likely making her sicker. That would be like denying them extra fluids, or rest- In my mind, to feed Abby any of the processed and toxic foods is the same as abuse since we know MSG is toxic to her mitochondria.

As patients we do have some control.. We can control the food that we decide goes into our body. We can decide which medicines. We can make good decisions about our mitochondria, and it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


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