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Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am thankful for Derek,Sara and Abby(and my two spoiled poodles too!)

I am thankful that Abby is showing signs of being on a much better path.

I am thankful I was right and there is more then the Mito at fault.

I am thankful we have found Specialists we trust who encourage optimism.

I am thankful for food that is free of corn, air that is free of corn, heck even toilet paper free of corn!

I am thankful for my real/but not real facebook family.

I am thankful for smart,really smart Drs, even when we have to travel.

I am thankful for my families willingness to eat my funky food.

I am thankful I am healthy enough to take care of my family.

As I reflect I realize this had been a great year for our family. For the first time in a couple years I have days when I am actually worried about something other then Abby's health. I worry about the direction our Country is moving, but I am thankful for all the Patriots who are working hard to protect our rights and freedoms. I am thankful for our Active duty military, and Veterans for their willingness to give their lives if they must for our Country.

I am just especially thankful that I was right- I KNEW something could be done for Abby.. I just had to be stubborn enough and smart enough to know that there are no absolutes. That just 1 Dr or 2 or even 3 could not possibly know it all,it really does take a village. Hard work, hope and persistence I am thankful for this year. I am thankful that I am hopeful again this year that we will see some improvements. I am thankful that I won't accept a bad prognosis. I believe that a bad prognosis is a self fulfilling kind of thing, if you think you are dying? You are dying. I am so Thankful that Abby,with our support, choses to live and heal.


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