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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Donating Money: MitoAction or UMDF in 2014? MitoAction wins this Year!

It is that time of year again. The UMDF is holding it's annual walk. ( You already know I think the "walk" is silly, how do patients who have no energy to brush their teeth, manage to do a walk without ending up sick? Just saying! I like the Stay In Bed Day concept much better! )

There are many non-profits today that are assisting patients with Mitochondrial Disease, so who do you donate to?

This year my money went to MitoAction.

Why? Because when no other organization was willing to stand up and support Justina(and other's like her) MitoAction did.

That took courage, bravery, and a terrific moral compass. They are the ONLY organization that took such a public stand.

That earned my trust.

Great Job MitoAction!

Not a thing wrong with UMDF. They are a massive organization when compared to MitoAction and do a lot to help raise awareness and research dollars. We can all agree they do their part.

The NEED is for a patient to never feel alone on this endless journey. I cannot imagine having my child taken from me because I sought care for her Mitochondrial Disease, can you? Yet, it happens every month.

Thank You MitoAction!

For such a small, no frill's non-profit, you are making a MASSIVE impact improving the lives of All Mito Patients.


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