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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good News for Justina

She isn't home, but CPS failed to gain full custody. That is a huge victory.

She will need to remain hospitalized until the next hearing on Feb 4th, but she will be under the care of Tufts(her Mitochondrial Specialist's hospital.)and no longer at Boston Children's Hospital.

Justina's health is very delicate based on media reports from the neglect while at BCH and lack of care for her Mitochondrial Disease.

I am hoping now that she is receiving the care she needs, the appropriate care, she will stabilize.

I truly hope once she is transferred from BCH she will be able to see her friends,parents and sisters again whenever she needs them.

It's not over. As I type this post there are other families being targeted by CPS across our Country. There are Drs. determined to prove that Mito doesn't exist. That are willing to use the patient at any cost to make their point, instead of being professionals and going to their peers or medical boards.

Be aware of your parental rights. Make sure you trust the Specialists that you or child are seen by. Network in your local Mito Community to find out which Drs. have called CPS on a Mito family, or which Hospitals are hostile to Mitochondrial Disease patients- Everywhere all across America there is or has recently been a family like Justina's who has suffered horrors and the destruction of the family and finances simply because a Dr. did not believe they had Mito and decided their opinion was valid enough that destroying a family was justified. When Drs. call CPS, they are well aware of what CPS is going to do a family, they need to be held accountable for bad judgement.

Your Nurses, Teachers,hospitals, dentists, caregivers - know them. Make sure they agree, Mitochondrial Disease is real. Make sure they agree with your Mito diagnosis.

Hoping Justina stabilizes quickly and is home with her family very soon.


Anonymous said...

This is good news. At least she is going to somewhere that knows her. I hope and pray she is both reunited with her family soon and her health improves.

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