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Monday, January 27, 2014

No-cook Coconut/Fig Bars(gluten free, corn free, soy free, nut free, dairy free)

1 cup of dried black mission figs stewed

1/2 cup coconut manna(coconut butter) Homemade or Tropical Traditions

3 Tablespoons honey(or more or less to taste and texture you could use maple syrup instead.)

1-2 Tablespoons egg white powder(easy to dehydrate your own so they are corn free, finding safe corn-free protein powder is tough)

1 cup fine coconut flakes

salt to taste.

First you want to stew your figs. I throw a cup of the whole dried figs with stems cut off in a 2 cup measure- cover the figs with boiling water, cover and allow to steep for 30 minutes, they will soften and plump. Feel free to add vanilla or spices you like to them while they steep, we left them plain for these. Drain and place figs in blender.

Also add the honey to the figs and blend until pureed.

Then add the coconut manna(you could also use coconut oil instead).

Add coconut flakes, egg white powder and salt(I am heavy with the salt, I like the contrast of sweet and salty).

I lined a loaf pan with parchment paper and pressed the "dough" into the pan. I sprinkled some more flakes on top. If your dough seems too "loose" feel free to add more coconut flakes and work them in, if it is too dry and crumbly, you need to put it back in the blender and add more coconut manna or coconut oil. The dough should stick together and will be soft, when the coconut oil/manna/butter firms up in the fridge your bars will become hard.

Place in fridge for a couple hours until firm. Cut, store in fridge.


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