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Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Hearts are With Justina Today.

For all those following Justina's story, today is supposed to be the final court date to make a determination on whether she goes back to her parents.

Today will reflect on on the entire Mitochondrial Disease population.

IF she is released back to her parents it means that Mitochondrial Disease is accepted by the public as a disease(BCH seems to feel with that if you have no gene mutation you cannot have mito. A large number of hospital feel the same way.)

If she isn't? Expect to see more Mito families suffer this same horror.

Just the fact that they would lock a teen up on a mental ward for a year who is not a risk to herself or others? Is abuse. Frightening to think if you disagree with a Dr? They have the power to destroy your child and your family.

Hoping for the best for Justina.


Anonymous said...

I too am hoping the best for her and her family..Thoughts and prayers are with them.

Laura said...


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