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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tamarind/Pear Fruit Leather

Tamarind-Pear Spiced Fruit Leather.

Think Sweet Tart candy. I hate to use the word "healthy" because when you eat this the last thing you think is healthy, but tamarind is a marvelously "healthy" treat.

More then ever I am so grateful that we have added Tamarind to Abby's diet. Beyond the fact that it has a fab sweet/tart flavor profile it is just packed full of nutritional goodness! Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium,niacin, calcium- the list goes on and on. Not recommended for those with salicylate sensitives.

Tamarind can be found fresh but it must be peeled,"deveined" and then the pulp removed from the large seeds, a lot of work. We have been buying tamarind pulp. It is a large block of sticky goodness. So far Abby has not noticed any reactions so I am fairly confident it is corn free enough that at least Abby doesn't react. In order to use it I cut it into pieces and soak in a bit of hot water and stir and stir. This creates a paste. I then push the thick paste through a fine strainer to ensure a smooth paste.

Another positive to the fruit leather is that you can rehydrate it with hot water to a "paste" which then can be used for cooking or baking. It also makes a terrific easy to eat travel food.

This fruit leather was easy:
Tamarind Paste
Fresh chopped pears
Puree smooth in high speed blender and then dehydrate.

I did about 2 to 1 tamarind to pear. I sweetened and spiced to taste.

We transfer the fruit leather from the dehydrator sheets to parchment paper and roll. Vacuum seal and throw in the fridge or freezer.


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