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Thursday, February 20, 2014

It is My Fault

At some point or another all of us feel it had to have been something we(parents) did to cause this illness in our child.

We are encouraged to rationalize this. To blame "bad luck", "genetics", "unknown causes."

Should we really let ourselves off the hook that easily? No.

Genetics can be random in mutations, but mutations can be caused by environmental influences.

What environmental influences?

Metals. Aluminum, mercury, and so many more. In our deodorants, in our food, in our vaccines. Metals toxicity is connected to everything from kidney disease to cancer.

(Time magazine just did a huge spread on the staggering number of chemicals we feed,bath,breath and dress ourselves in today compared to 40 years ago). From plastic containers to hairspray. Roundup in our yards.

Medications- there is a growing list of medications that cause Mitochondrial dysfunction. I have noticed recently while reading articles that pharmaceutical companies are now including mitochondrial testing when doing safety testing on new medications.

- Sadly, if our government did not mandate "synthetic vitamins" on our food? The majority of Americans would be suffering malnutrition. Today when we can have fresh strawberries in December. When I can have fresh,live dungeness crab from Pacific NW in Texas.. When we have fresh produce from around the world available at every grocery store. So why are we unable to get nourishment? Thank General Mills and the other big food producers. It isn't food anymore. People don't cook. They buy food in a box,jar,can that can sit on their shelf for the next 4 years. I cannot pronoun 80 percent of the ingredients in a simple granola bar these days. If you cannot pronoun it? Odds are you are not getting the nutrition you need from it.

At the end of day, I most likely did this to Abby.

Medications, chemicals on my lawn,vaccines, fluoride in city water, allergens, chemicals in my home,junkfood ingredients I cannot pronoun.

I should take responsibility. I did it all. Those Shamrock shakes that are basically a slurry of chemicals..That Starbucks coffee,those family friendly meals at restaurants that buy MSG in bulk, Those Twinkies that could outlast our own life span on the shelf. The bubble bath she soaked in..

In our Country today we are taught to read very early. The vast majority of American's have been given the tools to think. But we don't. Why not?

I trusted my government, if they say it is safe then it must be(not so much)
I trusted our Drs. (we know we cannot anymore.)
I trusted that kid focused cereal that claimed to add 100 percent of whichever vitamin in just one serving.
I trusted that if they sold the chemicals at the grocery store or home improvement store, it had to be safe, right?

I was dumb. I was lazy. It was EASIER to NOT think. To turn over those decisions to the manufacturers and government.

Not any longer.

Admittedly, the thinking is painful. It would be easier to blame genetics, the unknown, bad luck. That is not the truth though.

When I started taking responsibility for Abby's health,when I finally accepted that I had been a lazy parent and trusted the gov, the Drs. without question, I finally admitted my guilt. I finally accepted I am to blame for some of this.

It has been more then a journey. Learning about what is in our foods,soaps, medicines has taken an insane amount of time. I am having to learn everything my parents,grandparents and great grandparents knew and learned over a life time in a very short time.

There is lots of work to be done still.

Now that I have taken responsibility and admit that part of Abby's Mito,Mast, Kidney etc is my fault? I have hope.

Each time I eliminate another pollutant from our home, I have hope.

Each time Abby gains a new food I have hope.

Each time I read an article I have hope.

Each time I realize that our Government allows far more toxic chemicals then most other Countries, I have hope.

I could use the same lame excuse as so many others- " Nothing I can do about genetics"

But that is a HUGE lie.

We are causing these mutations. We are to blame.

Today, I feel stronger. Though I cannot make Abby better, I can do what I can to prevent further damage.

Some of us are orchids and some of us are cockroaches. It is time for the cockroaches to accept that bathing the orchids in toxins isn't going to make them better.

I accept the blame, and I am accepting she is orchid, I realize that what a cockroach tolerates will kill an orchid.

Once I accepted and dealt with my guilt, the world opened.

It is my fault, and now I am going to Change.


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