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Monday, February 24, 2014

Justina still Kidnapped by our Government

I am in disbelief.

This is America.

Apparently the State of MA, Boston Childrens Hospital and many others in our Country feel if you treat your child for Mito you are abusing them which warrants removing them from your custody.

The consequences of this horrid situation are far reaching. This will continue in every Children's Hospital. With every Department of Children's Services.

Think very carefully about who you seek medical care from... Whether it is for Mito or Diabetes, because no matter how well educated or licensed your Dr is, another Dr. can call CPS and have your child removed , just because they feel like it, just because they don't like what your Dr. prescribed even if it is part of a protocol established by the NIH. Not even your Mito Specialist is safe anymore.

All Parents in America lost today.

I know this sounds paranoid, who would think our Country would behave this way?

Everyone is in danger of losing their child.

Thank you again MitoAction- you are the only Association that supports Mito Patients in their moment of need. We know you have not had the same amount of patient donations as the other organization, but after your unwavering support for doing the right thing? I hope that changes. I am confident that you would use the donations to help prevent this type of patient abuse.

We need new leadership. It is the only way to protect our families. Growing up I thought something like this could never happen in America, it was places like Cuba, the Middle East, 3rd world countries. I guess we are now one of those "bad" places.



Clarissa said...

agreed! :(

Elisa said...

I agree! So very scary and sad! :(

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