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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Making Nofu Cheese (dairy free, corn-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free,)

I have talked about this and did post months ago but since then I have taken better pictures and hopefully will provide better directions.

If you have eaten coconut yogurt you know it doesn't taste like dairy yogurt. It is different, thus your end product is not going to taste exactly like the cream cheese you are used to.. however, it is not a bad flavor at all. If anything quite mild. Chickpea nofu is a much milder flavor then soy tofu.

This melts(no strings,melts like cream cheese would) lovely on pizza. I have found we like it best when I blend in some italian herb blend into the "cheese" before topping the pizza with it.

I have used this in place of cream cheese in a number of baked goods. Again, the flavor is not as intense. We have found that a squeeze of lemon juice blended with it before adding it the recipe helps make it taste more similar to the original.

For us, this has been a good solution. Abby cannot have nuts or soy or dairy or corn or seeds... so we have such limited options. After going months without anything at all, Abby took to this stuff like a duck to water. We still miss cheese, but this nofu cheese has it's own goodness the best part being it doesn't make her sick. :-)

2 cups coconut yogurt(my post on how I make Coconut Yogurt)
1 cup nofu ( my post on how to make Chickpea Nofu)

Combine nofu and yogurt in blender. Blend until very smooth.

I place a plastic(yogurt is acidic) strainer lined with cotton muslin over a glass bowl.

Pour the pureed yogurt/nofu into the muslin lined strainer.

I gather all the edges together and use a piece of kitchen string or rubber band to hold it shut.

Allow to sit at room temperature resting in the strainer over the bowl to catch the whey as it drips.

Every few hours I will squeeze it to help encourage the whey to separate.

This is a 2 day process to get a firmer product. I usually put it in the fridge the first night and take it back out to the counter in the morning and continue to occassionally squeeze to help remove the whey.

Place in fridge. The second morning it should be firm enough to shape into a block.

I have found this freezes very well. I wrap it in parchment, then tin and finally slip it into a ziplock freezer bag.


Clarissa said...

very interesting! might have to try it for my dairy free kiddo who has never ate cheese, ever! thanks! i love your recipes!

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