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Thursday, March 20, 2014

48 hours and counting..

The heart racing has continued off and on the full 48 hours. It woke her up too many times to count last night.

She still feels achy and sore, but improved over yesterday. Joints are tender still. Headache is gone though.

So far her stomach has been a little sensitive but no issues flaring up besides cramping-

Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

Kidneys are painful and definitely throwing protein at an increased rate.

The injection sites aren't too bad, one has a massive bruised look to it and there is some redness starting to appear around both sites.

So, far about the same pattern as the other go rounds.

Now to wait and see if she get the rashes flaring up, if her kidneys get worse, if her IC flares.. etc.

Clean clean diet and lots of sleep for now.


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