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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Foster Children:Statistically do worse in Foster Care then in the Dysfunctional Home.

Higher precent of school drop outs.

Higher percent of homelessness.

Higher percent of teen pregnancy.

Higher percent will become felons.

CPS knows that Foster Care means a child is far less likely to be successful. Yet, they continue to remove an alarming number of children, and often for no reason(at least no proof of "abuse") as in Justina's case.


Do Drs.(the number 1 reporting population)realize they are not improving a child's life by placing them in Foster care?

Do Drs. know they are actually likely to make success even further from reach for these children?

Yet, they continue to pick up the phone.

I have read reports of Hospitals(have not confirmed facts but,)"flagging" medical records to track patients for potential abuse. If these flags were burns, breaks, and bruises I could understand but they go well beyond that.

Homeschool? FLAGGED

Eat Organic? FLAGGED

Move a lot? FLAGGED

How many flags does it take to make that call?

Now as cases like Justina's come to attention we find Drs. call CPS when they don't like another Drs. diagnosis.

They blame the patient. They blame the family. How is that we are supposed to know which Dr.(equally certified,equally specialized, with equally good reputations,but very different opinions) is right? If we don't follow a Drs recommendation for healthcare we are neglecting our child. If we do follow our Drs. advice for healthcare we are providing too much care.

There is no report of abuse against the family. They have yet to prove that the Mito diagnosis was wrong. Or that the treatments received were unnecessary. Not to mention their new diagnosis and "treatment" have caused a child to go from happy,ice skating, and stable to wheelchair bound, isolated, alienated, scared. They have caused extreme harm to a child who will age out of the system a broken human. What exactly do they think they can provide her for a future if she can live through this torture? Nothing.

Child Protective Services could be doing an immense amount of good. We need them. There are children being starved to death, sexually abused, beaten to death all over the Country, but they opted to use very limited services to provide the worst possible outcome for a child. Any sane, well educated and helpful agency would have mediated Justina's care between the two very well respected Hospitals and Drs. Instead they picked sides and have allowed the health and wellbeing of not just Justina but her family as well to be destroyed.

When we go to vote in the next election, make sure who you vote to elect will defend the rights of our children, of our families. This is far from just a Mitochondrial Disease issue. We need to stop it.

We all have different opinions of what is right or wrong, we all have the right to voice those opinions. We do not have the right to interfere with the Dr. /patient relationship. We don't have the right to tell families what to eat and when. We just don't.

I still have faith that Justina can get home. She nor her family will ever be the same. Many families with Mitochondrial Disease are no longer going to trust the judgement of their Drs. Parents in general fear CPS. CPS should be a welcomed agency to make the lives of children and families better, not to damn them to miserable statistics of human suffering.

LINKS to Data on Foster Care Statistics: National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

Child Protection and Child Outcomes; Measuring the Effects of Foster Care by Joseph J Doyle Jr.


Clarissa said...

thanks for speaking up!!

Laura said...

Having an underage child with mito dysfunction, I can tell you this terrifies my husband and I. He is stable and relatively healthy at the moment, but disaster could happen at any time.

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