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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grinding Your Own Grains and Beans with the WonderMill

Over the past couple years we have slowly but surely eliminated many sources of corn and other allergen contamination.

We have had reasonably good luck hunting down safe flours for Abby. Unfortunately, it often entails driving all over Houston, or ordering from a zillion different stores online.

I do struggle at times to find the "time" to do all the cooking for everyone from scratch and all the shopping to hunt and gather safe ingredients really sucks up a lot of my "free time."

After reading about grain mills for the past year, I did it. I bought one.

The WonderMill.

There were a number of reasons I opted for this particular mill over others on the market.

1) Power. based on various comparisons the WonderMill is superior for longevity. While the competitors burnt out, the WonderMill continued to grind away.

2) Mess- The WonderMill has a completely contained container that catches the flour- no dust, no mess.

3) It claims to be the quietist. I won't lie, I about had a heart attack when I turned it on, it may be quieter then the others but it is still very loud! So, if it is the quietist one, I am very glad I bought it.

4) It grinds about anything. It has a few accessory pieces that allow you to grind teff(super tiny!)and one for chickpeas(large!) with ease.

5)Speed. This machine eats grain at shocking speeds! I have to admit we probably ground a lot more rice then we needed the first day as we could not but help but watch in amazement as the rice disappeared before our eye's and turned into a fine wonderful flour.

6) Three options, Coarse, Bread, and pastry. The bread setting is recommended for most, but I found the pastry option made the rice flour more similar to the asian market rice flour I love.

7) So easy to operate. It snaps together you dump the grain in and that is it. Easy to wipe out. Had very good ratings for ease of use.

There are down falls for some. Not for nuts and most seeds- anything "oily" should not be ground. This is fine for us as Abby reacts badly to those so we don't keep them in our home.

It is big. So not sure where to store it.

I am frugal, so this was not any easy purchase. There were other brands that were cheaper, but hands down since we "need" this I felt it was a good investment.


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