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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Justina: Our Government Abusing Children

Justina's health continues to rapidly decline. Still refusal to take her to her Mitochondrial Specialist.

The pictures even from 3 weeks ago indicate a terribly sick child.

Today, if a parent doesn't seatbelt their child at age 5, or a parent has an obese child, or a parent spanks their child, or a parent seeks alternative care, or a parent home schools the government can remove your child from your home as these are "flags" for child abuse in the eyes of our government.

Justina has been locked up, because she is sick. She has been kept locked up with less rights then any death row prisoner to hide the mistakes that might just take her life. Not receiving life dependent medical care, not allowed to talk to friends or family, clearly not being cared for.. and CPS and BCH call it "PROGRESS."

Every parent in America should be TERRIFIED. I don't care if you are best friends with your Mito Specialist, you aren't protected you are NOT safe.

If you don't have one of the few, very few absolute gene mutations associated with Mito- you apparently do not have Mito. According to some Drs is all in your head.

Today is yet another day where a decision on Justina's life will be made. Will the Judge give her the death sentence that being left in CPS care could possibly cause or will he return her to her family and capable Drs. to try to save her life.

This will get worse. As Obamacare kicks in further, as UN treaties take effect.. the very few rights as a parent we have left are slipping away.

You might wake up one day with your child ripped away and our government officials "abusing" them too. If I treated my children the way that Justina has been treated by our government the past 14 months I would deserve to be in jail.

Saying a prayer for Justina today. Say a prayer for the multiple families that face this type of abuse every week in America.

For the last few years I have mourned that I will likely never get to be a Grandparent. Today I am relieved, I would not want to bring a child into the world today.


Clarissa said...

:( this is so so sad and scary! praying for Justina and family!

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