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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last Try.

The sub-q adventure continues.

We are trying a different brand on Abby this morning.

For as much as I would love it be safe for her to use, based on the ingredients listed I am not feeling particularly optimistic.

I am simply hoping that her reactions aren't as violent as those she has had in the past.

Fingers crossed.

If she fails this one, she is done with sub-q. If against the odds she tolerates this? We might have a treatment for her.

I am loath to try it on her. I know that simply giving her a drop of vitamin D by mouth can cause a major reaction. Or using a topical ointment can build up and cause reactions..

Every moment of our days for the past few years has been analyzing everything that comes near her to avoid any reactions- so knowing this is likely to make her sick? It is a struggle to put her through it.

There are some very valid reasons for trying it today. It will be helpful to confirm, rule out disorders or if she gets lucky a potential treatment.

I really wish I was less pessimistic but her body has made it pretty clear it hates this stuff..

As I love to say, "It is, What it is."

She has had delayed reaction by about 4-8 hours in the past, so by this evening to tomorrow morning we will have our answer. On this journey it seems like most results take months to get, we all tease about hurrying up waiting. At least we won't have to wait long this round. :-)


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