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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snake Oil, Beware!

If I thought wrapping Abby in bacon and soaking her in a snake infested bayou would "cure" her? It would be tempting. I probably would not do it though even if "everyone" else was doing it. I am not one to jump off the bridge because everyone else is doing it. I sure would read about it though. I would ask lots of questions. I do really believe there is much unknown in our world that should not be ignored. Gotta have proof though.

I google search "Mitochondrial Disease" every couple weeks to see if some new research has come out.

Lately? I have been finding all sorts of supplements,vitamins, and Essential Oils all claiming to be either life changing, "cure", treatments, etc for Mitochondrial Disease.

If it sounds too good to be true? Odds are it is too good to be true.

I think the fact that much of treatment for Mito is based on taking supplements kind of leaves the door open for misunderstandings.

1) You need to know what is in the supplement. Vitamin and supplement companies are self regulated and are not doing such a great job. Make sure you know what they are putting in those "magic" pills.

2) They actually might work. It is a known fact that poor nutrition contributes to Mitochondrial Disease. If the supplement/vitamin happens to have vitamins you are deficient in, you actually may benefit. Do talk with your Dr. before starting any supplement,vitamin, herb.

3) Essential Oils. I love them. There are a few we have found helpful to reduce symptoms, but NOT a cure. Overall they can be soothing, stress relieving. For example clove oil mixed with coconut oil and swished in your mouth really can reduce tooth pain. Those oils though come with side effects. Many sellers do not either tell the buyer or even know what the potential negatives are. They "assume" the buyer knows what they are doing. Did you know that Tea Tree oil can interfere with estrogen? We have used tea tree oil topically for many years and I did not know that until recently! I strongly recommend talking with your Dr. and finding reliable resources on the side effects of any oil you chose to use topically. I know a few of the popular(and insanely expensive) oils claim they are all safe by mouth. They are not, even if the oil is "pure" and "clean", the compound itself could have negative side effects. The sicker you are the more likely you will be to suffer the side effects. Please talk to your Dr. before taking anything orally.

Essential oils may relieve symptoms but they aren't going to cure genetic mutations. Common Sense folks.

Expensive doesn't always mean safe. Popular doesn't mean healthy. (Way back when we used to think cocaine was a great treatment for everything,they recommended it for everything. That we have proved wrong, right?)

Do your research. Talk to your Dr.

I am not against alternative treatments or even medical treatments, but with both often the patient doesn't understand the risks, side effects or long term consequences.

Be smart don't buy into "snake oil", but do trust your gut. Nothing wrong with a some great smelling lavender.. might help you sleep, but a mug of warm milk might help you sleep just as well and it is gobs cheaper. That is unless you are allergic to milk. :-)


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