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Saturday, April 5, 2014


With the normal ups and downs of the last couple years, another birthday tomorrow.

I cannot believe she is 19. I still see her just as I did when she was little. Cute then, and cute now. :-)

We are relieved to officially have closed the book on trying any more IVIg(subQ)- the reaction and damage was only getting worse. The only "new" and lingering effect is her oxygen still drops to 94-95 when she is upright and won't correct until she is down again. Hasn't slowed her down too badly, and we figure this too will pass. Abby's body is quite remarkable in how it manages to straighten it's self out after each insult. Rest, rest, and good nutrition as well staying moving on her feet seem's to be the best formula for recovering for her. Unless it was dropping regularly into the 80's no sense in fretting or running to a Dr. over it. "It is, What it Is".

She is still needing a bit more sleep but almost everything is settling down. Her kidneys decided to act up this week, but perhaps it was simply the tail end of getting that junk out of her body. Food hasn't been too much of an issue, but we kind of have it fine tuned now as to what is safe to eat when she is flared, and what to avoid. That has made any flare in symptoms much easier to handle for her and her recovery time is generally much faster. The insane pollen count is doing her no favors right now. Full bucket leaves us on high alert and prevents me from trying too many new foods with her. Looks like a good rain this weekend which will help wash away the overwhelming choking pollen. I am kind of with Abby on the pollen and so is Sara, the sooner it is gone the better we will all feel. Even our poor poodle Evie has red rimmed eye's and itchy skin.

I admit, I was really hoping last year that when 19 came around we would have her back in college by now. On the other hand, despite the ups and downs she is still holding strong, and for that I am very grateful.

It is frustrating that we still don't understand "why" she reacts so violently to every medication , I don't think Mast involvement is the full answer to that question. However, Abby is constantly changing, given time her body seems to have it's own method to it's madness and we just need to stay patient and keep out of her bodies way, her body know's what to do.

Maybe by next year we will have figured her out and gotten her to a better place, we are working on changing a few things up to see how that works for her.

I tend to be so opinionated, so swept up by the moment. Abby continues to be grace under fire. She truly finds joy and satisfaction with the smallest things. A great movie will keep her smiling, a great email from a friend, time with me, her sister, her Dad. Probably the most balanced person I have ever met.

While I wonder where she will be health wise next year, she doesn't worry about it. She enjoys the day.

Happy Birthday Abby!


Anonymous said...

Remember mom, we are the mom...lol.....we have to worry and fuss...it's our job!!!
Health is a tricky issue....always thought that my 3 youngest would be sooooooooo much better by now. But I guess that it's like they say...life is what happens when ya make other plans, cuz shit happens!

Happy Birthday Abbie.

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