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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby Bok Choy Bites

Baby Bok Choy Bites:
Usually I peel the outer leaves off the baby bok choy and either saute the center whole for a side, or chop to throw into soup. But, I always felt a little bad about not using the outer leaves. They reminded me of little cabbage leaves, which of course made me think of cabbage rolls- and the baby bok choy bite was born.

The filling is:
1 pd cooked ground chicken
4 cloves sauteed garlic
2 inches of sauteed ginger
red pepper flakes(to taste)
1 cup cooked brown rice(optional, any finally minced veggie is great)
an egg(to bind)
salt and pepper to taste

I sauteed it all together first because bok choy steams and cooks very quickly, so I knew the chicken would not have a chance to safely cook through. I threw the egg into the cooked filling to make sure the filling would bind together.

The bok choy leaves I simply cut the stem off and and used a toothpick(not safe for the very corn sensitive!)to secure them. I steamed them in the rice cooker basket for 10 minutes.

I made a quick dipping sauce of a bit of sugar,coconut amino's, red pepper flakes,coconut secrets vinegar. Of course it wasn't a really great snack until I added in some gluten free green onion pancakes.


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