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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Indian Biscuits and Curry?

Biscuits and gravy, or "shit" on a shingle- we have eaten a lot of various gravies on biscuits and bread. Why not curry on a biscuit?

Not exactly sure what inspired this particular fusion of flavors, but I think it was the Urad flour I toasted and ground in the WonderMill. If you have had raw urad flour you know it has a strong and memorable flavor and no matter how I have tried to like it(great nutrition and easy to digest) I have had to really tone it down each time I used it. That is until I toasted it. Like Chickpea flour you can toast the urad to mellow the flavor and transform it to a far more familiar flavor. It has nice nutty tones to it and can be versatile in both savory and sweet once toasted. I toasted the urad before I ground it as it is much smaller then chickpea's so can get it well toasted before it is ground into flour. Grinding in the WonderMill using the pastry grind option, the toasted urad becomes an incredibly fine and fluffy flour and it's soft texture really can help with textures in gluten free baking.
I gotta be honest, most of my gluten free biscuit attempts have been miserable. That is until I started replacing some of the gf flours with the urad flour. They still aren't great to look at but the mouth feel is much improved. I associate certain flavors with Indian and middle eastern cooking and the urad flavor inspires me to use different seasoning. I figured why not season biscuits with cumin,black mustard,cardamon? We are so glad we did. The first bite was startling. I think we expect a biscuit to taste a certain way, but in no time at all we found ourselves scarfing down the entire batch!

The downfall is these still aren't pretty like wheat based biscuits. Which lead me to think if no one saw them, they would love them. I guess that is where the curry idea came in.. Drench them in a rich, spicy chicken curry and who cares what they look like?


To your favorite gf biscuit recipe add:
1 finely diced sauteed onion

Toast and grind 1 tsp cumin seed, 1/2 tsp mustard seed and the seeds from 2 black cardamon pods.

Add toasted and ground spices to the flour blend. After cutting your shortening into your biscuits right before cutting your biscuits out, mix in the sauteed onions.

Follow your recipe for baking.

In my favorite recipe I also add 1/3 cup of the urad flour and remove 1/3 of the gf all purpose flour.

(I use all purpose gf flour, palm shortening,baking powder, salt, and coconut milk in my biscuits)

Chicken Curry:

I used this recipe with a few substitutions: Kothiyavunu Blog.

I removed the coriander and cinnamon because of allergies

I removed the curry leave because I don't have any fresh.

I used coconut yogurt instead of thick coconut milk.

To make the gram marsala blend I used the recipe from this blog; Spicy Treats.

I removed the coriander and cinnamon due to allergies.
I removed the fenugreek seeds because we aren't quite sure we like them yet.
I removed the curry leaves because I don't have any.

I added fresh red pepper, had to have some color, plus flavor wise, the sweetness makes a nice contrast.
I added some fresh flat leaf parsley or chopped green onions.


Anonymous said...

Urad is a lentil, correct...I am not sure....was thinking about what you were saying and wondering. Did you toast the flour or the pulse first. Could you post your recipe?? Please.

Diane said...

Yes, I would classify it as a lentil, but depending it can be referred to as a bean. It is considered the "easiest" to digest. With Urad I toasted the pulses then I ground them. I don't really have a biscuit recipe, I just add everything without measuring.. terrible huh? What I use is a very basic biscuit though, nothing fancy. I use the urad flour to replace some of the gf flour but not all, I usually replace about 1/3 cup of the gf flour with urad flour. I use a generous amount of baking powder. I cut in palm shortening and use coconut milk. Salt of course. Sometimes a teaspoon of sugar(if making plain breakfast biscuits). So that is why I suggest using your favorite recipe and adapting. Next time I make biscuits I will try to remind myself to measure out what I use.

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