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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And We Shopped.

First time in a couple years we took Abby out simply to shop. Not for a Dr. appt, Not for the Dentist, but 2 hours of blissful shopping.

When she asked to go, I think I for a moment thought I was hearing things. Boy, did we manage to get dressed and out the door in record time.

What motivated her was she wanted to help me. I admit I am clueless with clothing, I mean I do okay for myself now that I am older but something about teen/early 20's confuses me terribly. I insist on buying shoes and clothing as gifts for the girls each holiday. Used to be when they were little they were welcomed gifts. As teens I think each holiday they pray that I asked a trendy salesperson to pick out the clothes or somehow I bumped my head and finally figured it out! Sadly, it has been about 3 years since poor Sara has been able to wear what I buy. She always loves it, but I think it kills both her and I a little inside to shove the unwearable item to the back of her closet. I have been moaning and groaning and fussing for the last month about how I wish Abby felt well enough to come help me. She took mercy on me. She went out knowing the odds were she would feel badly, to help her sister and I break the cycle of bad gifts. :-)

Remember that feeling when you took your newborn/infant out ? That feeling of bursting pride, joy, showmanship? That is exactly how Derek and I felt. It was the best 2 hours we have had as parents in many, many months.

Wheelchair,mask did not slow us. We wanted to make every moment as enriching as possible.

It was kind of funny really though. She wasn't that impressed! LOL She does all her shopping online and having the entire world at her finger tips for selection made a singular shop almost flat for her. :-) She has Asian and European boutiques she loves so I can imagine that the offerings of one shop were limiting! :-)

Yesterday she woke up "sick". Flared, reaction, or sick? Not ever sure but she is as usual paying for the excursion. Not as badly as she has in the past,though still a little early to tell. After we got home from her shop, our house bubbled with the excitement well into the evening. Despite her fatigue written on her face her eye's sparkled with the "adventure."

Was it worth it? I don't know. She hasn't decided yet. I suspect it will be a long while before she does it again. It was enough though.

As far as Derek and I go? It was a huge gift she gave us. I feel reinvigorated to keep on the hunt, the search for answers, hoping one day she can hop in the car and go shop whenever she is in the mood, not when her body allows her to shop.

Somehow she picked the right day to go as we saw a few other wheelchair users. Despite the chair and the mask we seemed to blend in as if nothing was different at all, that certainly offered added value.

When we went to leave the store Abby had to use the restroom(I will rant another day on the absolutely disgusting public restrooms- both those who act like animals in them and those who get paid to clean them and don't!) and stood up and went in.. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little girl about 3/4 years old watching very closely. She began tugging on her Dad's hand to get his attention.. finally she was calling his name, she looked up at him and said "Daddy, look at her dress!!! Isn't it beautiful?"

I had stood there preparing for the questions. "Why can she stand up?" "Why does she wear a mask" "Did you see that girl with a chair"

But I was so wrong.

She simply loved Abby's dress. Taught me to not make assumptions.

IT was an incredibly heart warming way to end the day. To the parents of that little girl? Thank you ! You have done well.

To Abby, Thank you, you have done well!


Laura said...

Yeah for shopping!

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