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Friday, May 23, 2014

Gold Sauce (soy-free gluten free,corn-free, chemical free "soy" sauce)

When you start eliminating corn especially hidden corn you learn very quickly you have to remove all store bought sauces! No mayo, no ketchup, no mustard etc.. I have slowly been figuring out how to make each sauce we miss.

Soy Sauce, well Abby has had a soy allergy off and on over the years and definitely has an intolerance for it. Plus, I don't think there is a corn-free soy sauce on the market. We were able to use Coconut Secret's Brand Amino's for Abby, which are tasty but since she has struggled with ferments she doesn't use it often.

Derek is sorely missing soy sauce. He is okay with coconut secrets coconut amino's but not completely sold. There are a few gluten-free soy sauces but he isn't tolerating those well either. I recently read about folks making their own Soy Sauce on a fermenting group. Many opt to use black beans, so I figured why not chickpeas? Our house is just a little obsessed about all things chickpea which makes the thought of a Chickpea "soy sauce" sound very interesting to us.

I am trying to make it 2 ways. 1) more controlled by introducing koji(fungus ordered it for miso making) and 2) via wild fermentation.

For the first batch I inoculated the cooked chickpeas with the koji and then dried, then brined the chickpeas. They are a couple weeks in and already starting to smell like soy sauce.(Pictured in the jar they need to be in the sunshine to ferment the cover is off and covered with fabric to allow air now)

Today I started the wild ferment version. I cooked the chickpea's till mushy, and then kneaded in some chickpea flour to make a dough(no measurements just till shapable)I sliced the dough and now need to keep them lightly covered and warm and moist until the wild mold sets into the slices. That should take a little less then a week. Then the slices are dried(in the sun or low temp dehydrator) then you toss the dry,moldy slices into a nice salty brine and out to the sun they go. What could possibly go wrong?

Derek and Sara are already trying to figure out how to get out of having to be my taste testers! But I have a really good feeling about this chickpea sauce hopefully in a couple months we are going to be happy with the sauce and knowing it is non-gmo and no other potential contaminates have been added.

Will update hopefully in a week with a picture of scary moldy looking slices of chickpea dough!


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