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Friday, May 2, 2014

I Got Hope

Looks like I might be right.

The mito could be just a "symptom", and even the "allergies" and reactions could be secondary.(that was baffling and took a bit to sink in!)

Another journey ahead but we are ready. After 19 years we are pretty hardened to the medical journey.

Maybe this path won't lead anywhere. Maybe we won't get answers. Maybe we yet again run into Drs who aren't the right ones to help Abby.

Maybe we will run into the Dr that has seen this before, maybe a treatment that will help. Maybe this time around won't be as exhausting for her or us.

But maybe, just maybe we will finally know what is wrong. Maybe my Momma gut will quit screaming to keep looking.

Maybe just maybe Abby will feel better. Maybe she won't get any worse. Maybe she will feel well enough to even take an online class? Our goals for her are simple. Maybe a shopping trip? It has been a few years. That would justify this new path.

I used to hate "maybe". But after the last couple years of dead ends, I plan to embrace this "maybe" of a journey.

If we don't keep looking, if we don't keep up on the journey and moving forward we will get nowhere.

So to Hope, to the next leg of Abby's journey. She and I are more prepared. Not as quick to get excited and not as quick to get disappointed. Good skills to have when dealing with complex medical issues and the complexities of dealing with them.

Being right of course would make me happy,not because I need to be right, but because being right could make all the difference in the world to Abby.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed, gentle hugs and prayers...I hope you are right.

Kristy Williams said...

Hope is a marvelous thing (and mama instinct)!

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