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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday

This is one of my favorite pictures of Abby and Sara. Seems like yesterday to me, though it has been 18 years.. time flies. Sara just wanted to hold and play with "her" baby. Abby had other ideas. She was just so fussy all the time she usually only tolerated me, often she wanted nothing to do with even Derek or Sara. Luckily, after a few years she and Sara were truly the best friends siblings should be.

Abby was a delightfully "mushy and squishy" baby. Of course we soon realized that when a baby is that "mushy" and not able to hold their head up, there are issues. Nursing was beyond a nightmare. For months she would nurse up to 10-12 times a night, never more then a tiny snack at a time. It was frustrating for both of us. Sara was nearly 11 weeks preterm, and the one thing you learn with a preemie is no matter what, they MUST eat and gain weight. I think that is what kept me sane while functioning on no sleep, first priority- eat. She certainly never failed to thrive though. Which I think made it more difficult to figure out what was wrong with her. By age 3 she had started to get stronger. By age 6 we thought for sure the worst was over.

Ages 6-9 were her best. This is a first grade picture. She had a wonderful summer outside in our pool and though she fatigued easily, she managed very well in school as long as she could come home and rest. She struggled with her "allergies" and was constantly catching every cold but she really was on target. The remaining issues she struggled with we were certain she would finish outgrowing at puberty. We were shocked when she got so sick. When I visualize Abby as healthy in my head, this is the image I hold on to.. we will get there again.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are just gorgeous....and their skin is so beautiful. What nationality are you all. I ask as I am Native American and my girls have that kind of skin, too.

Diane said...

We are an extreme mix as far as heritage. On my side French,Polish,Irish, Scottish, English and more. My Father and I were both darker as children(French influence)and lightened up considerably as we got older. I am definitely pale/reddish now. On my Husbands side a true mix as well. He is definitely much darker like my oldest. Czech, french, English and lots more. His grandfather was of "unknown" heritage. We did do some ancestry genetics and no hispanic, middle eastern or American Indian popped up. I ADORE their rich skin tone. Abby is definitely much lighter like myself now. She doesn't have as much of the red pigment as I do and still has a nice olive undertone. My oldest is still very dark, though not quite as much as her Father. He and she both had a mongolian spot on their lower back but Abby did not. I find genetics and heritage fascinating. :-)

Anonymous said...

My skin has lighten up over the years...I think all the illness and other things cause that too. My kids had Mongolian spots and stork bites which are quite common among Native Americans. We are an interesting mix....my oldest girl likes to dye her hair and usually goes for reds...and a few blondes...and can do it...while my son and I couldn't ever do anything with colors...lol. It is my youngest ones that have the issues...and they are light colored...but that I supposed is what happens with a father who is Norwegian and Scot-Irish!!! lol

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