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Sunday, June 15, 2014

What is the Cause?

Since World War II we have introduced over 80,000 chemicals to the daily lives of humans. Could that be it?
Really since World War II raising a family, food and environment have radically changed. I often wonder which of the many changes is most responsible for our epidemic of sick people.

Since the 40's we have introduced a massive and extensive Vaccine campaign. Could that be the cause?

We depend on synthetic vitamins and packaged foods even though we can afford fresh and real food. Could that be the cause?

Our homes are built of chemicals. From the drywall to the pots and pans- Could that be the cause?

Many dump their children into group "education" centers often from 6 weeks old, Could that be the cause?

Our homes are packed on top of one another, our children often only play on chemically treated lawns, Could that be the cause?

Children and their parents load up in the car and inhale exhaust on the road all day, could that be contributing?

Produce grown in chemicals
, sprayed in chemicals, shipped and sprayed some more, Could that be the cause?

for every ache and pain, most babies get Tylenol before meeting their grandparents for the first time, Could that be it?

We sleep on mattresses covered in flame retardants and wear night clothes saturated in it, Maybe that is the cause?

Perfumes, hair color, perms, shampoos, lotions, room scents, candles, household cleaners
, Could that be it???

What about Pedi's and Mani's?

GMO's Could they be part of this spike in chronic illness?

Ultrasounds, CT scans, Xray's, prenatal vitamins
, these are newer or used far more frequently since WWII as well.

Microwaves, cellphones, computers
, and wifi?

How about unknown disease pathogens? Micro bacteria? Viruses?

Maybe dental work? Few had preventive care in the 40's, 50's but nearly all children get it now...

Is it because babies who in previous generations would have died are now surviving and reproducing genetic mutations?

Then there is the city water, we know fluoride is a poison and some cities around the world including in the US are no longer adding it.

Where do we point the finger?

What did I do wrong? Or my parents? Or my Grandparents?

If ONLY 15 percent of Mito patients have a genetic cause(by the way toxins can cause genetic damage as well) what in the world is making the other 80 percent sick? They are sick, some are dying without a known gene mutation. There will be NO cure until we know the cause.

We know some chemicals cause cancer, why not Mito?

Why the massive and terrifying epidemic of chronic illness in the past 50 years? Drs. would like to think it is because they are doing a better job identifying illness but we all know our family histories and many of us know that until our generation or our children's generation and maybe our parents(depending on age)we had little or very mild histories of these diseases..

Autism, Lupus,Chronic fatigue, Mito, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Mast cell disorders, food allergies,cancer..

The CDC estimates 1 in 68 children have autism. When you add all the other spiking illnesses in 1 out of 5(if not more) are suffering a chronic or progressive illness.

This isn't 1714- This is 2014. I could see 1 in 5 in 1714 or heck even in 1970... but in 2014? Why the decline?

I see constant advertising from the big non-profits begging and manipulating for folks to donate money to find CURES...

NONE who are focusing on the Cause.

If we know the cause we can PREVENT the disease.

For 50 years(or longer) the campaign's for CURING cancer have been in the media, schools and hospitals. So far they can only provide treatment that helps many and cures a few and still have not figured out how to prevent it. If they don't know the cause, it is hard to prevent or cure.

The cure isn't going to happen(or not as likely) in our life times. But maybe, just maybe we stand a chance at PREVENTING more from falling ill.

Of course that means less money for the economy from medical sources(hospitals,research,Drs, pharma,medical equipment,insurance,pharmacies) but it would mean more of our children would grow up healthy and be able to work, to contribute to our Country, we would grow the economy just in different vectors.

I cannot fathom this spike in diseases being "naturally occurring".

At this point be it Mito, or Abby's own thing or something else?

I just want to know what caused it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for once again writing something that pulls everything together that I have rolling around in my head, but can't express in an organized way! My dream is that one day there will be as much effort put into looking for causes and therefore prevention of these things as there is right now about fundraising for "cures"...


Diane said...

Glad I am not the only one .. cause and prevention is a much more logical approach.. sooner or later society as a whole is going to have face we have an epidemic of damaged citizens from likely our own doing.. when the rest wake up and realize finding the cause is the only cure I think we will finally have progress. Thanks for stopping in!

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