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Friday, July 18, 2014

If it isn't Good for Healthy People, Why feed it to the Sick?

Corn Syrup solids- up to 50-60 percent in Elemental formulas that we feed to really sick people that are unable to eat anything at all by mouth.

We KNOW corn syrup is BAD BAD for healthy people, so why in the world do they pack the sick people full of it?

We KNOW Antibiotics are BAD BAD for healthy people unless absolutely necessary, so why do we give them long term and frequently to really sick people???

We KNOW Roundup(active ingredient) is very BAD BAD for healthy people and is a neurotoxin, so why would you feed(those corn syrup solids came from GMO corn which is grown in roundup) it to Sick people????

We KNOW that TPN even for a very short period in a generally healthy person is BAD BAD on their body, so why full time with sick people??

We KNOW vaccines have side effects that can hurt HEALTHY people, so why double up with the Sick???

We KNOW hospitals are BAD BAD for germs even for HEALTHY people, so why drag the really sick into that environment constantly???

We KNOW pollution is BAD BAD for HEALTHY people, so why are all the Major Medical Centers built in the center of city where there is the most pollution?

We KNOW gathering many people closely together ups the odds they will transmit diseases, so why do Hospitals gather all the sick people closely together??

We KNOW that for healthy people "use it lose it applies" yet with sick people it doesn't?

We KNOW school days are long,tiring and full of germs for our HEALTHY children, so why send sick kids with bad energy and poor immune systems to school?

I could go on and on. But when you think about it, much of what we do for sick people to make them "better" will eventually make them worse. I don't get the logic.

There has to be a better way.

Some of these things are simply because there aren't any better ways yet. Some of these things are driven by making money. Some of these things were created and at the time were good, but since then we have found they are BAD.

We all do counter- intuitive actions daily. Sick or Healthy we are often behaving in ways that are contrary to the best result.

Time for change.


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