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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Mitochondria are What You EAT,BREATH,and WEAR.

Recently it was PROVEN that environmental toxins are linked to Autism.

Last year it was PROVEN that for some Autism is caused by Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

So, we don't need to be told that for some, Mito is linked to Environmental Toxins. Doesn't take much of a leap to make the connection. Turns out at least for some with Mito it is possible it might have been prevented.

It has already been proven that some medications cause mitochondrial disease(they are still finding more and more that could be problematic for our mitochondria). Vaccines have side effects.

What you eat, what you breath, what you wear.

No more blaming those pesky bad genes,(for at least some)because now we KNOW we can be doing something to prevent it or at the least, slow it.

Here is a quick link to get you started, it will give you a couple of toxins to immediately remove.

The Huffington Post - The Link between Autism and 10 common Toxins

Can we undo the damage?

I don't know. But we are doing our best to remove toxins that "may" have caused it or made it worse.

It is like some hideous nightmare to think I unknowingly feed her food that was coated in fungicides,pesticides, insecticides(pretty much everything in a grocery store these days)that could have been the culprit behind her getting so much worse. I cannot imagine feeding her any of it now, I know better- we have to stop feeding the toxins to our children and selves.

It is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. The toxins are in our food, water, air, clothing,soaps,lotions,building supplies- everywhere.

What choice do we have? Now that we know the stuff is making her worse(if not the cause) I would be insane to allow it back in, at least until we know more- I don't ever want to look back and wonder if it was all my fault for not being willing to self educate myself.

We just try to improve 1 item at a time. Glass(lead free of course!)instead of plastic. Ceramic instead of no-stick, NO city water(fluoride), homemade deo's, homemade lotions, no enriched foods(vitamins are grown on Corn which is grown in RoundUp which is a mitotoxin), etc.

We aren't even halfway there in our home and we have been plugging away for a couple years.

For now, Abby is still sick, but not getting rapidly sicker like she was before we removed all the toxins. For lack of a better term, pretty stable, as long as she isn't sick, or exposed to triggers or gets too tired. It makes every effort well worth it and keeps me determined to keep improving her food and environment, it can only help.

For now that is what we have to do, and glad to do it. Anything for a chance.


Aliyanna said...

Alpha lipoic acid is heavy metal remover....it helps the body the body produce glutathione.
ALA is often used as a chelator for folks with heavy metal issues. You might also want to have her hair tested for heavy metal toxicity...knowing what she has may help you find the source of contamination and remove it. I can let you know where to find the hair tests if you can't find it. You can also look up the books by Andy Cutler Hall. He wrote a couple excellent books on it....in them he discusses the signs and symptoms of each of a bunch of toxic metals...and their sources. He also does consulting if you are interested.

Clarissa said...

I 100% agree with you and we are slowly plugging away at trying to remove toxins, though have not been successful in changing our Abigail's diet.. :( her GI system is so sensitive. I HATE that we are on city water... this house is the only house I have ever lived in to have city water and we have been here 3 years now... I never had city water before, always well water... hoping to get back on a well someday!

Diane said...

It is annoying isn't it that they add the yak to our water. Abby is bottled water only(Crystal geyser is the only one she doesn't react to right now) and we do bottled for our cooking, but still have to use the city water for cleaning and shower.. Yes, changing Abigail's diet would be hard. But, I have seen that there are new real food tube formula's coming out to the market now, and I am hoping that the pharma companies will pay attention and make healthier food for the all the little ones that have no other option. We can hope! By the way Clarissa I meant to thank you for posting your soap recipe! A great one!

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