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Friday, August 8, 2014

Easy DIY Coconut Yogurt

My original recipe for coconut yogurt is impossible to follow. So going to provide a more simplified version.

3 cans of Coconut milk(no additives)
3 teaspoons sugar( organic C&H)
3 Tablespoons potato starch
3 heaping tablespoons "starter culture".
yogurt maker and thermometer

3 cans coconut yogurt:

You can use fresh made coconut yogurt from either fresh coconut meat(I buy the flakes frozen) or dried coconut. But, keep in mind, the less "cream" that the coconut has, the texture will be different in the final product. I skim a lot of the cream from a couple batches of homemade coconut milk to make yogurt. The more "cream" the better the final texture. Arroy D canned milk is just coconut and water. So for the sake of making an "easy" recipe that is what I will use.

3 teaspoons sugar:

We use organic cane sugar. From what I read when I started figuring out how to make yogurt, the bacteria needs lactose to "eat". The closest thing I can use to feed the bacteria is sugar. A lot of recipes also call for the little bit of sugar. So, I add it.

3 Tablespoons Potato Starch:

My preference. So, that is what we use. Agar or gelatin will work. I did make a batch with agar a long time ago and it will setup nicely. Tapioca starch will work, but I find tapioca can get a bit stringy with all the stirring. We like the "mouthfeel" of potato starch best.

3 heaping Tablespoons of starter culture:

You can use some So Delicious Plain coconut yogurt as your starter. Using a store bought yogurt is the easiest option. Keep in mind the first batch may still contain trace allergens/toxins(corn for us) so we have to make a second generation batch(by the second batch the worst is diluted out) for Abby to be able to eat it. The store bought yogurt tends to tucker out after about 4-6 batches. For the last 7-8 batches I have been using the greek yogurt dried culture starter from Cultures for Health. I followed the directions to start it. So far so good. We really like how nice and tart it gets compared to the So Delicious.

Yogurt Maker and Thermometer:

IF you search online you will find all sorts of methods for culturing your yogurt. Varying temperatures for varying cultures, some use the light for a heat source in the oven, some use their dehydrator. I use the yogurt maker, it is easiest for me. You really need a thermometer- you need to know that the coconut milk has cooled enough to add the culture so you don't kill it.

Always make sure you use nice clean containers and dishes. You don't want to culture the wrong bacteria.

Ready? Here we go.


1) In a large pot combine 2 cans of coconut milk and sugar. With the third can add about 3/4 of the can reserving 1/4 for later.

2) Slowly bring up to a slow boil. I stir now and then as it tends to burp and splatter.
3) While the coconut milk is warming, take the 1/4 can of coconut milk you reserved and stir in the potato starch. Mix well.

4) When the coconut milk is at a slow boil grab a whisk and whisk in that coconut milk and potato starch mix. It will thicken pretty quick so keep stirring. Just takes a minute or so. Now the coconut milk should look like pudding. Remove from heat.

5)Allow the coconut milk mixture to cool to between 80-100 degrees(this is where you need that thermometer). This takes awhile. I putter in the kitchen and using the whisk stir it now and then. Stirring helps break up the lumpiness and helps hurry along the cooling.

6)The texture may not be perfectly smooth- don't sweat it. Now that the temperature is between 80-100 go ahead and whisk in your 3 heaping Tablespoons of starter culture. Whisk it in well.
7) Place in yogurt maker, follow yogurt maker directions.

8) Now, the waiting begins. We leave ours for 24 hours! Yes, 24 hours! Coconut yogurt needs extra culturing time. Sometimes I have let it go as long as 28 or so(got side tracked!!) and it was fine.

9) I give my coconut yogurt a good whisking before I put it in fridge. It may be slightly discolored on top of the yogurt and the smell of warm freshly cultured coconut yogurt isn't very appealing, don't worry it is fine. It will be much thinner then you expected, don't worry it will thicken. Stick in in the fridge. At least 12 hours to chill and be left alone, if not 24 hours. It needs a long time to chill properly.

10- done. Enjoy. Remember to save the last 3 + tablespoons of this batch to start your next.


Anonymous said...

Much better! Now I have one for you...how do we do cottage cheese? I have pondered this one and still haven't figured it out.

Diane said...

LOL I have been pondering this as well.. the few attempts made gritty,sandy stuff that did not taste nice :-) Not giving up though! :-) Once I conquer it I will definitely share. Please stop by and let me know too if you conquer it first :-) Where there is a will, there is always a way!

Anonymous said...

I was digging again...lol..always...and found this...
and sounds interesting....but never had any ricotta but isn't it similar to cottage cheese?
this one seems like it would be more like a jello...no criticism I am sure she worked hard and likes it but not sure it is what I am wanting. Maybe some beans or ??????? lol....just ideas to start with!!!

Diane said...

good digging! :-) The first one, it would "work" but, 2 Tablespoons of agar is going to leave an odd musky flavor(been there done that).. I have "pureed" an agar blend to make basically a mousse and it does get a grained texture at first. but not at all close to ricotta for me... think I need something that would be closer.. same idea with the second one... you are on the right track with "beans".. I am thinking chickpea tofu would add a more silkened textured with more substance then gel.. humm will have to play with it. I think the addition of lemon juice or coconut yogurt would be smart.. a little of that tang but buried under a creamy texture..

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