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Friday, August 22, 2014

It Was the Dang Rice...

After a few months of building symptoms, we finally hunted down the guilty party- it was the brown rice.

It still just floors me to think that something like a brown rice that at first was fine has the potential to turn her body into a war zone.

Fatigue,racing heart, muscle and joint pain, GI issues,BP issues, kidney proteinuria, dizzy, wobbly legs,bladder issues(and more!)- all triggered by 1 particular brand of rice. (Her weird rash is still everywhere and not improving, but hopefully a couple weeks her body will balance back out)

Can 1 very small thing like the wrong rice cause her to be that sick, cause anyone to be that sick? Yep. It sure can.

It took me 2 weeks of weeding out ingredients aggressively to hunt it down.. Really it was more gut instinct for both of us.

After reacting to so many foods in such odd ways(mimics symptoms of all sorts of health issues) you start to develop a 6th sense as to which one might be dangerous.

I remember buying the brown rice, not the normal brand(First Warning). When I went to grind it I thought it smelled different(Second Warning) and even though rice depending on brand and the type has different smells(it really does) there was something that caught my attention. That six sense was trying to warn me and I ignored it.

Last time I ground it a couple weeks ago we had finally decided that something was filling her bucket.. but what? As I ground the last of the brown rice I had that creepy crawly feeling that just maybe it was the rice(Third Warning).. and despite years of watching her react to the most insane minimal amounts of contaminates(what a food was grown in, what part of the country it was grown, what they rinsed it with etc) I still found myself doubting that six sense even though through experience I KNOW the smallest most minimal change can cause havoc..it is still impossible at times to believe that she is simply that sensitive. It is easier to believe some new disease process has griped her body then to grasp the concept that a few grains of rice are trying to kill her.

When will we ever learn to stop and listen to our "guts?" That six sense has a terrific track record of being right.

It takes awhile to recover from this much flare for her.. but just after a couple days that yellow color is mostly gone from her skin.. she was cheerful yesterday, reduced pain,scalp clearing(reactions cause her scalp to redden,scale and itch) and as relieved as I that we figured it out. Hoping a couple weeks and the kidneys and everything else in her body that short circuited will calm again.

Reactions: Any symptom that mimic's zillions of disorders. Anything, I mean anything from the direction the wind blows to where the rice was grown and how it was packaged can set off and dangerous cascade of symptoms.

Relieved, very relieved. But I cannot help but wonder, how long will it take before we start listening more to that six sense then to what so many Drs. have decided is possible or impossible?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if shopping at someplace that specializes in organic grains or one that does health foods where you can find out about the grower? Or the transportation. We shop AzureStandard.com. I know that they are in Texas and they do ship UPS. We have many of the same issues, so we struggle with some of the same things. We changed from rice to milo(sorghum) because there was more nutrition and it bakes and things better. We also like white teff and since it is small time production....not many doing it....it is a bit spendy but a very nutritious and very workable grain.

Diane said...

Yes, definitely an organic brown rice, but this time I did not check on how it is processed before sale.. sigh- lesson learned. :-) Probably cross contaminated with corn or something else she reacts badly to... We tried sorghum quite a few times and she keeps reacting, so I am wondering if she reacts to sorghum because it is so closely related to corn? Probably harvested and processed with the same equipment as well. We use Teff, buckwheat and millet mixed into our flour blend-we usually use Teff as it bakes and tastes really well for us. We use bean flours when we can as well. We recently reduced both the rice flour and potato starch in our all purpose flour blend and increased the Teff- Teff is such a powerhouse of nutrition! :-) We use mostly ivory Teff too, though I usually have brown teff on hand for different uses(flat breads, fake rye etc) ... good stuff! I haven't ordered from AzureStandard though I have heard from many many folks they find their offerings to be pretty good for the sensitive or healthier options. Thanks for reminding me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Saw this and thought of you. Seeing as how we both LOVE chickpeas!!!! LOL

Diane said...

Ah ha! She basically used a socca recipe! Why did not I think of that?? We love socca whether chewy or tender. :-) I would have never thought to use it for a crust!!! SMART! Ty for sharing this one! This is worth it's weight in gold. :-)

Kristy Williams said...

Been there, done that! Brand matters & even variety within brand. We still hold to hope that *this* time a variance won't mean reaction. Hope she's feeling better soon!

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