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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wouldn't you be Pissed if

You found out there was something you could have been doing to make yourself or your child better? Or at least stable? Or prevent it in the first place? Even if there was only the smallest, smallest chance it could help, wouldn't you want to know? YES you would.


Environmental Toxins

Mito Toxic Medicines

You see these terms thrown around in lots of articles and research about Mitochondrial Disease.

But what are they?

Medications- The FDA doesn't require OTC or Prescription medicines to be tested to see if they could be Mito Toxic. Through trial and error there is now a growing and extensive list of medications ALL mitochondrial disease patients should avoid.

Where is that list? Hardly accessible. MitoAction does have a good size list via their website. I appreciate that they at least have it posted.

Even then that list doesn't cover all because we don't know all because no company is required to test for mitochondrial safety. I have run across a few new technologies that can affordably and accurate test medications for safety, there is simply no excuse.

That fistful of pills you take each morning might just be playing russian roulette.

In our Food: Pesticides, fungicides, and more. Round up is currently being used in heavy doses on most of the American crops we eat daily. There is plenty of evidence that it is NOT safe for our mitochondria, yet the FDA recently allowed for an increase in the amount used on our food. Round up is hardly alone though. There are plenty of other chemicals used on our foods that have been listed as dangerous in other Countries. (Your elemental formula is NOT organic and they all include corn derived ingredients. All corn in the USA with the exception of popcorn should be assumed GMO which means the heaviest dose of round up)

I am not even going to go off on a rant about the damage aluminum and mecury and other metal toxins are doing to us in our vaccines,foods, and medications- oh and your pit stick,and shampoos, etc.

I remember our panic when we found out about Abby's Depletion. I wanted to know What can I do to help her??? No Dr. warned me of medicines, No Dr. warned me of non-organics, No Dr. took the time to explain I might be able to do more to help Abby then they and their prescription pad could do. It took me years of reading article after article, of spending hours chatting with other families forced to learn the hard way that I could make a difference simply by educating my family about "environmental toxins".

How about all those vitamins in your Mito Cocktail? They are the front line treatment, the only thing the Dr. can offer. What exactly are those vitamins? Antioxidants. What do antioxidants do for our body? Help remove toxins..

So, wouldn't it make absolute sense then to avoid toxins in the first place? Right?

We want our insurance companies to cover vitamins to counteract the toxins we eat and take. Heck, most vitamins are CORN DERIVED meaning the very vitamin that is supposed to fight the toxins? Is full of it. If I was an insurance company I wouldn't be in any hurry either.

So yeah, I am pissed.

I have been pissed.

I will stay pissed.

My biggest question now that I know about "environmental toxins " is; why do some of us get so sick from "environmental toxins" and others don't?

Does it really matter though when just a trip to the grocery store and changing what you throw in your cart might just help your Mitochondria as much as those Mito Cocktails?

It cannot hurt. If toxins are causing mito dysfunction and we are prescribed "antioxidants" to help eliminate toxins, commonsense says- DON"T EAT TOXINS!

I have found research connecting Tylenol, various antibiotics, cholesterol medicines, pesticides, MSG and more to damage to Mitochondria.

And I am pissed that I had to go look for it. I am pissed that had I known sooner, I could have avoided these toxins in my home, on my table.

So your Mito Specialist knows which medicines to avoid for their Mito patients, but no other Drs have a clue. A patient is responsible to know which medicines are safe and which are not. When that information is not being taught, how do we protect our mitochondria?

Everyone should be pissed.

I wake up every day and look at Abby and wonder " Did I do this to her? " Granted I did not know about Tylenol, MSG, pesticides but I should have..

Instead of brochures on how to donate or run a fundraiser for a Mito Non-Profit, shouldn't they be focused on teaching the patients that there is a way to reduce their risks?

Instead of brochures on how to behave in a Drs. office so you don't have CPS called on you(talk about victimizing the victim) wouldn't you rather a brochure on why organics are a better choice and how they can make your Mito Cocktail more effective?

Instead of Spa weekends to "pamper" Mito Families- how about a trip to the grocery store to teach us how to avoid toxins?

It is simple. Mitochondria and "Environmental Toxins" Don't mix.

What isn't simple however is how to avoid toxins, because no one seems to be in any hurry to tell us what exactly an "Environmental Toxin" is..

Drs, associations , non-profits, don't spend a lot time talking with patients about "environmental toxins". Actually, I don't think I have ever had one encourage the avoidance of pesticides, fungicides, metals. The best you get is to eat a balanced diet rich in veggies and fruits. You might get fussed about sugar(which is hardly an issue if you are packing away toxins by the fistful already) or you might get fussed about salt(which is actually a treatment for dysautonomia) .. Of course they will be quick to point out to maintain a healthy weight and get exercise, but nothing about the "environmental toxins" that can be avoided, the same toxins we need the Mito Cocktail to help counteract..

Will you be cured avoiding toxins? Probably not, but if you stand a chance of not getting worse, isn't that a viable treatment?

Every parent I know is the same as myself. We will do ANYTHING for even the smallest chance to halt a chronic illness in our children or simply prevent it in the first place.

So where is that brochure? Why aren't we told? Why do we stumble across research paper after research paper that surely Drs. and Organizations have seen yet no effort is made to share that critical health information.

Yep- I am pissed.


Clarissa said...

I understand and agree! I wish our Abi could tolerate real food through her j-tube... hate that she gets nasty corn filled formula!

Diane said...

You know, the other day I saw a few new companies for real food for tubies! I am sure the cost is beyond insane, but the ingredients looked really wonderful. I don't know much about j-tubes or g-tubes , I know that sometimes they have to have the elementals as it needs to be broken down even further? Maybe the elemental formula companies will hear us "roar" and work to make a more ideal option for Abi, if anyone needs the cleanest food possible it is our little ones who struggle with food the most!

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