WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Make it "Mini"

Mini French Toast or Giant Peaches?

Fact of the matter is, sometimes when you are avoiding corn and lots of other allergens as well, you are just plain limited.

Abby does love a basic Irish Soda Bread which came in handy when she no longer tolerated yeast. So we tend to have irish soda bread on the counter on a regular basis.

Right now she has been very reactive(fall allergies) so a very very limited diet and so I am always looking for a way to liven up her plate.

Size. If you serve tiny doll size pieces of toast, or tiny tiny little sandwiches, or in this case itty bitty french toast? For some reason it seems like a very different food. I at least get that satisfaction of serving something "different" even if we are talking size and not recipe.

Hobby Lobby, Michaels, even Walmart and Target do a good job of keeping mini size pans on the shelves. (these I found at Michaels and I have an even smaller set as well) These tiny loaf pans were all of a couple bucks and from miniature loaves of bread to chicken meatloaf they have added well worth their cost in entertainment value to our meals.

So, if you hit a slump and feel limited or bored with what you can eat? Try making it a different size. Itty bitty just seems to taste different.


Anonymous said...

Hi was making some pumpkin seed cheese and was wondering if Abbie could have those. They are really good and a good source of B vits and other things.

We also do brewer's yeast, or nutritional yeast. Also a great source of B vits and others....and kids seem to do ok with it. Of course up north here, it is pumpkin time....those and sweet potatoes are our best friends..

Am off to make our "parmeasan cheese"! lol

Diane said...

I have so been reading all the "seed cheese" recipes.. They are an amazing source of nutrition and throw the nutritional yeast in? good stuff. Abby reacts very badly to pumpkin (any squash) and most other seeds we have tried(good with poppy seeds! ) so we haven't tried the pumpkin seed. We have tried a couple nutritional yeasts and she reacts to all of them.. not sure if it is a "yeast" reaction or a "b-12" reaction.. Brewer's yeast was a fail too.. again not sure if it was the yeast itself? She had to start avoiding yeast about 6-9 months ago completely, but has been sensitive for over the last year. Just kills her not to tolerate nutritional yeast- boy, that could really open up her options and provide her with much needed B 's.. We eat gobs of sweet potatoes.. no seeds though :-) but it works well to sub for pumpkin in most recipes and works very well with either latin inspired or Indian inspired meals. Thanks for thinking of Abby! Most of what she eats have been recommended by folks that deal with food limitations too. ty!

Anonymous said...

My kids had a rugged time with nutritional yeast for a while, too. We have been working on their immune systems, thru some whole foods and the beta glucan I told you about earlier and one more new thing. Nacsent iodine. We use magnascent because it is the purest I can find and the best working according to what have been reading. The nascent iodine process is rugged..causes herxheimer effect pretty bad. Have to go in really slow and easy. It can cause achieness and irritability as if you were fighting a virus. It is helping tho.

The thing that got the kids was the b12 yeast flare. We added another thing to help it and it seems to be helping coupled with the iodine... What we tried is Larch extract. We are now eating a lot of it....and there are still some flares...but not like before. You might check her tongue to see what color it is. If it is white or patches of white....it can mean a yeast overgrowth is happening and that might be some of her issues.

Diane said...

You have the best information! She has no yeast overgrowth(checked and tested a million times) thankfully. We have been so tempted to push a little and deal with some of the rough effects with a number of things I know would be helpful in the long run.. problem is, with anything that she gets symptomatic from her kidneys get furious and dump massive protein.. and it is getting harder and harder to get them to settle down after each reaction.. so, the risk has just been too high to justify.. It is incredibly frustrating. Right now she is very limited on food(thinking fall allergies, but the summer has been tough).. so not sure exactly what our next try should be... trying not to panic and trying to wait until the right thing falls into our laps.. eventually something will reset or change and we can justify a little push for the sake of trying to get a reset out of her.. I have added your tips to my ever growing "wish" list of things we want to try. Ty again!

Anonymous said...

These sound so good. I thought you could adapt for you....her blog has lots of goodies you might like if you don't follow it already.

Diane said...

Love that site! I had not seen this recipe.. I could easily tweak for Abby. Sweet potato instead and a few other tweaks to avoid corn etc.. Thanks for sharing that one! I have avoided making donuts.. more because they are so hard to say no thanks to when they turn out well! :-) Abby has been waiting for me to make that finally leap to donut goodness! :-)

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