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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mitochondrial Disease: The Man Made Disease

Everyday I run across yet another article that lists medications, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides as causing Mitochondrial Dysfunction.




Round up (and many other herbicides,pesticides, and fungicides)

Statins(cholesterol drugs)

psychotropic drugs

seizure drugs


So we eat food full of pesticides,fungicides, herbicides which leave us vulnerable. Then we take a bunch of medicines that disturb our Mitochondria.

I know I ate a lot of chemicals(western diet) while pregnant. Before I was pregnant. I took antibiotics. I took acetaminophen while pregnant. Thankfully, I did not have the flu vaccine or any other meds. I did not color my hair, or do my nails. But I still used a lot of chemical cleaners in my home. I had vaccines before getting pregnant. I took other medicines before getting pregnant.

As a matter of fact, I am sure my Mom was exposed to chemicals in her food and maybe meds while she was pregnant with me. She had some vaccines before having me. My Dad had severe asthma as a kid and spent a lot of time in the hospital- I am sure he had all sorts of medicines.

Did my Mom's and Dad's gene's take a hit from her/his chemical and medicine exposures? Then I inherited those mutations and created some more of my own as did my husband. Eventually all those epigenetic changes add up and we get sick.

I am not sure if depending on genetics we each have a different "threshold" for damage or if those that are sick have just had more exposure. Either way, each day more and more and more are getting sick. Maybe your kids are still "healthy" but how many more dings to their mito,to their genes and to their microbiome can they tolerate? How many before their children will be sick from the mutations they pass on?

Recently I have been reading about our "microbiome" some researchers suspect our microbiome will be as important to our health and survival as our nDNA or our mtDNA.. We know the term "gut health" or "probiotics" or "leaky gut".. all of those are based on the microbiome. We are big old collections of more bacteria then we can count, and apparently we need them. As we wipe them out with medicines and chemicals we are getting sicker.

We did not have this many sick kids when I was growing up. We did not have this many sick adults when I was growing up. We are going to continue to see the numbers of chronic illnesses skyrocket until we address the "why" instead of focusing on treating the damage we are causing.

We cannot remove everything, believe me I have tried. We can however reduce our risks. We can reduce the risks to the next generation and the generation after that.

I am confident some cases are not preventable even if we lived on an Island with no chemicals, but I suspect for many of us our mitochondria would be functioning much better without all the known toxins that cause dysfunction.

I think Abby's depletion is "man made". I did it, my parents did it, our poor stewardship of our bodies damaged her genetic structure.

I don't blame myself, we did not know. We should have though. Research has been coming out warning again and again about the longterm damage from all our short term solutions. We know now though. I still don't understand that if our Government and other "trusted" sources are reporting this damage why we are not warned?

All I can do at this point is to continue to try to weed out the risks and do what I can as her Mom to protect her Mitochondria.

Not easy, but worth it.

First the food and what goes in the body, then what goes on the body, and then the home.

How many cases of Mitochondrial Disease could have been prevented?

Why aren't we warned about these risks? Especially once a family member has been diagnosed? Wouldn't the rest of the family be at higher risk? If all of these toxins contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction wouldn't it be extremely important to be proactive in removing them from the rest of the family before they too take hits that might add up to permanent damage? Wouldn't it be absolutely key to remove them from Mito Patients to stop further Mitochondrial Dysfunction?

Man Made Mitochondrial Disease, more common then we want to know.


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