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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Band Society- just say NO!

Drama, Glamour, Entertainment, warmth, friendship, God like Drs and Nurses...

If for half a second I thought a Soap Opera made about Chronic Illness and/or life threatening illness would make life easier for those who are sick, I would support it. This is NOT going to help.

You take a vulnerable population of patients and patient families and make them dependent on a hospital.

Sounds like a crisis for Hospitals and a crisis for Patients and Drs in the brewing. The bar will be set impossibly high. As it is, terminal is terminal in most cases and for patients forced to live in the hospital they are forced to face overwhelming loss and grief. The type of fantasy life being sold in this show is going to hurt the very population they have targeted. To set such a fantasy in the mind of an ill teenager, is disturbing.

1)If you are ill enough to live in a hospital odds are you don't have a whole lot of energy to wear full makeup and trendy clothes and jewelry- well unless you are wealthy enough to pay nurses who are willing to keep you glammed up, or family that is focused on your looks.

2) Family. The family should always be the focus of patient care. Not the Drs, Not the Hospital and not the Nurses. Patients first, then Families.

3) Hospitals are bad places. Not places that folks should idolize they can find life long friends, social satisfaction, or appropriate emotional and social development as teens.

4)The vast majority of Hospitals simply aren't going to or are unwilling to deliver such "special" care to their patients. The show setting is little more then a major fantasy and is only going to make patients very disappointed by what they are offered. Heck, most hospitals cannot even manage to provide allergy free food for their patients, let alone provide a fantasy world where dying teenagers can bond, be glamorous, and provide important moral lessons to viewers.

5) Hospitals are a place of LAST resort for humans. Germs, separation from family and friends, extremely expensive, if you don't want to run from a hospital the second you feel well enough to put on lipstick, something is wrong with you. How Drs. and Nurses manage to show up at a Hospital daily and not lose their minds is beyond me. Sorrow, illness, dredges of society, death, grief, loss, germs, depressing... has to weigh against the very few they can heal or simply "improve their quality of life".. No wonder Drs. get paid the big bucks, they work in hell.

6) Pressure on patients. After America see's how these "fantasy" chronically ill teen patients behave, new and likely unfair expectations will mould new stereo types that our Teen's will be forced to mimic- that is the last thing a healthy teen needs, let alone one struggling to live.

7) If Hospitals, Drs. and Nurses were getting complaints about care before? Standby- after America see's this show they are going to want and feel entitled to a whole different level of care.

Worst thing about this show? It will be a hit.


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I agree

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