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Friday, October 17, 2014

Cane Syrup Homemade (to replace corn syrup or Lyles)

Since we are worried about Lyle's right now(not sure what in it she is reacting to but I always blame corn!)I went ahead and made a batch of homemade cane syrup. With the holidays approaching having cane syrup to bake with is a must for us. Cane syrup or Lyles golden makes a great straight across substitution for corn syrup.(However, with candies there may need to be some adjustments made)

5 cups organic Domino's or C&H cane sugar(the organic is why the color is more amber then clear)
2 cups water
1 teaspoon cream of tartar(still using frontier)
1 dash of salt.

Place all ingredients in a deep pot. Do it gently though so that you don't splatter the sides of the pot. It will reduce the chance of crystals in your syrup.

On medium/medium high bring to a boil. Gently stirring, very gently so you don't get sugar everywhere.

Once it hits a boil no more stirring. Pop a candy thermometer in and let it cook until it hits 230-240.

Allow to cool completely. Store in jars in the pantry. Should keep for a couple months. Mine will have have a few crystals after a couple months but in general it holds up well.

NOTE: I recommend letting it hit room temperature because based on humidity, type of sugar or (poor measuring) the syrup can become too thick. If you reheat and add a few more tablespoons of water when it is too thick it can be saved. It will likely get more crystals from reheating, but the organic sugar is NOT cheap and worth saving.


Anonymous said...

How thick is it? like corn syrup thick ? Or thinner like maple flavored syrup that you buy in the store, cheap....lol. Some of my recipes, that I don't use, call for a thicker syrup...so just wondering.

Great improvising tho!!!!! Smart Lady....oooops.....Smart Mom!!! ;-)

Diane said...

Ideally about like corn syrup, a tad thinner. But, it seems the type of sugar, how long you let it cook, humidity can change the end consistency slightly. My last batch was a little too thick! Definitely thicker then Maple though. There are a few recipes online for making your own "cane syrup" and a few have a lot more tidbits then I shared. For example, it cooked a bit different in my chickpea bars this last time around, they weren't as firm as with Lyle's- so next time I will reduce the amount I use.. I suspect it is from the higher water content.. but just guessing. :-) What would we do without the Web, right?

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