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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MitoAction and Flu Shot's too? :-(

Today at 9:06 AM Christine Cox, Director of Outreach & Advocacy (MitoAction)

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Research Study Opportunity

National Human Genome Research Institute researcher Peter McGuire, M.D. is conducting a study on immune issues in mitochondrial disease and other inborn errors of metabolism. The Metabolism, Infection and Immunity ("MINI") study is ongoing and currently is seeking additional patients with mitochondrial disease to participate.
The NIH is offering seasonal flu vaccines as well as the pneumococcal vaccine to study participants. If a vaccine is received, the participant's response to the vaccine will be measured and shared with the participant or his/her family. Please note that receipt of vaccines is not required for participation in the MINI study.
MitoAction has received the following information about the MINI Study from the NIH:
Overview of the MINI study
Letter about the MINI study and mitochondrial disorders
Information about flu season for patients with mitochondrial disorders and inborn errors of metabolism
To be eligible, participants must:
Be at least 2 years of age
Have a diagnosis of a Mitochondrial Disorder
Be able to travel to the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland
For additional information about the MINI Study, please visit http://www.genome.gov/mini/

Granted, it is pointed out that you don't have to have the vaccine to participate....

Still, if you are like me, the last thing you want to hear again and again and again and again and again... is "Flu Shot".

Commercials, sitcom's, government announcements, schools, pharmacies, it is insane.

On the other hand, there are plenty out there that feel the potential protection for a few age populations makes injecting this shot worth the risks. So maybe these type of emails from patient support non-profits make them feel better about the choice they make to buy these.

On a positive, America is waking up and more and more folks are taking the time to read and assess whether the "possible' protection gains from these are worth the scary risks.

Vitamin D(way safer then flu shots), hand washing(safest!), good rest( great idea for all diseases)and improved nutrition (excellent choice) are the safest options in flu prevention and not only help protect you from the flu, but also help keep your body far happier and healthier.

Just saying.


Clarissa said...


Anonymous said...

Flu shots are only effective 50% of the time....at best. Ummmm definitely not worth the risk.
We use olive leaf, and coconut and manuka honey. And the ones of us with compromised immune systems, beta 1,3d glucan. The beta glucan isn't cheap...but has save a couple lives here. Vit D, we do 5000 iu's a day and C to bowel tolerance. And it all helps.....A LOT!!
When we do get a cold or whatever....it is hot toddy time. Herbal tea of choice, honey, lemon and manuka honey....does wonders....esp if we do it several times a day when sick.

Laura said...

And....IF you do get sick with influenza OR one of the 200 other bacteria/viruses that cause influenza symptoms, PLEASE stay home and do not infect the rest of us! Rant over!

Diane said...

Exactly Laura! Nothing upsets me more then clearly flu fevered folks going to work or out shopping... Motrin does NOT make you less infectious!! Sigh..

Anonymous said...

Yeah and some of us, with special needs either ourselves or our kids, the flu that lasts a few days of being uncomfortable...may end up with us being sick for weeks or a mouth or worse...my kids have ended up with pneumonia and other things because of somonelse's stupidity.

Diane said...

We would NEVER ask other folks to endanger their health by taking risky drugs because our child was unfortunately born with chronic health issues. The best way to prevent a chronically ill child from catching the flu is hand washing, proper nutrition, good rest and avoidance of public places like schools and hospitals where the chances of transmission is highest. These options have worked really well for Abby and I suspect are part of why she is as stable as she is.. at the end of the day, we have NO right to ask others to risk their health for ourselves or our children, that would be incredibly selfish. Being sick bites but catering to the sick person is an unfair expectation of society. Expecting everyone to get the flu shot is like the Fictional works "The Lottery".. everybody has to get the shot and we KNOW someone is going to get hurt the Lottery justifies it for the "better of the community" and expecting folks to get vaccines is no different. I find Abby being sick is heavy enough on my heart, I certainly would not want the responsibility of someone else ending up chronically ill because I bullied them into getting a shot that's risks exceed it's performance just because the "government' thinks less then 30 percent prevention on 3 strains of over 200 flu strains is worth risking a few lives.

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