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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who Wants to be a Flu Shot Guinea Pig??? Playing with Fire.

The UMDF sent this email out:

Flu Vaccines

The flu vaccine is available at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Marylandd via the NIH MINI Study. The NIH is trying to immunize as many mitochondrial patients as they can this Fall.

The NIH will provide travel, lodging and meals for those who qualify. For those pressed for time, vaccinations and studies can be done in one day.

For more information, a PDF guide for families regarding the flu season, the flu vaccine and their study contact information is linked here: http://bit.ly/1qSdO9z or visit the NIH at: http://www.genome.gov/MINI

UMDF Mission
To promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment, and cure for mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

My jaw must have hit the floor when I read this because in my opinion, if there was ever a population of patients at much higher risk for side effects it is Mito Patients.

A few reasons why we will NEVER allow that nasty stuff near Abby:


he Lancet
published a study showing that the flu shot was only 1.2% effective.

A study conducted by The Lancet in 2010 brought out some startling revelations about the effectiveness of flu shots. The study involved a control group of 13,095 adults who were not vaccinated. The group was monitored to see if participants had been infected by the influenza virus, but 97% remained unaffected. Only 2.7% or 357 people in the non-vaccinated group ended up contracting the virus. Of the group of adults who were vaccinated with a trivalent inactivated influenza shot, only 1.2% did not catch the flu. The difference between the two outcomes is that the flu vaccine only prevents the flu in 1.5 out of every 100 adults injected with the flu shot not 60% as you’ve been told.

2) More Seizures
! Would take a med that the side effect was more seizures? Probably not.


On a separate note, during the 2010–2011 influenza season, CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted enhanced monitoring for febrile seizures after influenza vaccination because of reports of an increased risk for fever and febrile seizures in young children in Australia associated with a 2010 Southern Hemisphere vaccine produced by CSL Biotherapies (up to nine febrile seizures per 1,000 doses). Because of the findings in Australia, the U.S. ACIP does not recommend the U.S.-licensed CSL Biotherapies' trivalent inactivated vaccine (Afluria) for children younger than 9 years.

3)Mito Toxic Ingredients: Again, would you take one of the meds that has the potential to cause Mito Dysfunction? Even if it actually did work? Probably not.

Type of Ingredient: (via the CDC )
Preservatives Thimerosal(IS Mercury which is deemed very dangerous by our Government) (only in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine)* To prevent contamination
Adjuvants Aluminum salts To help stimulate the body’s response to the antigens
Stabilizers Sugars, gelatin To keep the vaccine potent during transportation and storage
Residual cell culture materials Egg protein To grow enough of the virus or bacteria to make the vaccine
Residual inactivating ingredients Formaldehyde To kill viruses or inactivate toxins during the manufacturing process
Residual antibiotics Neomycin, sulfa drugs To prevent contamination by bacteria during the vaccine manufacturing process

A more complete list of ingredients via Wikipedia

Vaccine Culture media Excipients
Adenovirus vaccine Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium, human diploid fibroblast cell culture (WI-38) Acetone, alcohol, anhydrous lactose, castor oil, cellulose acetate phthalate, dextrose, D-fructose, D-mannose, FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serum, human serum albumin, magnesium stearate, micro crystalline cellulose, plasdone C, polacrilin potassium, potassium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sucrose
Anthrax vaccine (BioThrax) Puziss-Wright medium 1095, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, amino acids, benzethonium chloride, formaldehyde, inorganic salts and sugars, vitamins
BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) (Tice) Synthetic or semisynthetic Asparagine, citric acid, lactose, glycerin, iron ammonium citrate, magnesium sulfate, potassium phosphate
Influenza vaccine (Afluria) Chicken embryo Beta-propiolactone, calcium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, egg protein, monobasic potassium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, potassium chloride, sodium taurodeoxychoalate, thimerosal (multi-dose vials only)
Influenza vaccine (Fluarix) Chicken embryo Formaldehyde, gentamicin sulfate, hydrocortisone, octoxynol-10, á-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80, sodium deoxycholate, ovalbumin
Influenza vaccine (Flulaval) Chicken embryo Formaldehyde, á-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80, sodium deoxycholate, thimerosal, ovalbumin
Influenza vaccine (Fluvirin) Chicken embryo Beta-propiolactone, egg protein, neomycin, nonylphenol ethoxylate, polymyxin, thimerosal (multi-dose containers), thimerosal[2] (single-dose syringes)
Influenza vaccine (Fluzone) Chicken embryo Egg protein, formaldehyde, gelatin (standard formulation only), octylphenol ethoxylate (Triton X-100),sodium phosphate, thimerosal (multi-dose containers only)
Influenza vaccine (FluMist) Chicken kidney cells, chicken embryo Arginine, dibasic potassium phosphate, egg protein, ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, gentamicin sulfate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, monobasic potassium phosphate monosodium glutamate, sucrose
Pneumococcal vaccine (Pneumovax) Bovine protein Phenol
Pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar) Soy peptone broth Aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, casamino acid, polysorbate 80, succinate buffer, yeast
Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix) Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) Amino acids, calcium carbonate, dextran, sorbitol, sucrose, vitamins, xanthan

List of Side Effects :
One 2007 study published in the Annals of Medicine4 concluded that:

"Abnormalities in arterial function and LDL oxidation may persist for at least two weeks after a slight inflammatory reaction induced by influenza vaccination. These could explain in part the earlier reported increase in cardiovascular risk during the first weeks after an acute inflammatory disorder."

WellnessAchiever.net (tons of great information and links)

Are there side effects? (via flu.gov)

Mild side effects usually begin soon after you get the vaccine and last one to two days. Possible mild side effects of the flu shot include:

Soreness, redness, and swelling at the injection site
Fainting, mainly in adolescents
Possible mild side effects of the nasal spray include:

Runny nose
Muscle aches
Serious side effects usually begin within a few minutes to a few hours after receiving the shot. Possible serious side effects of vaccination include:

Difficulty breathing
Swelling around the eyes or lips
Racing heart
Behavior changes
High fever
If you experience any of these reactions, seek medical attention immediately.

(meaning don't use if you have ANY of these health issues) via the CDC website:

LAIV should not be administered to people who have had a severe allergic reaction to the following:

Severe allergy to eggs.
Severe allergy to another component of the LAIV vaccine. The package insert should be consulted for components.9
Severe allergy to a prior dose of an influenza vaccine (IIV or LAIV).

LAIV should also not be administered to people who are in the following groups because the effectiveness or safety of LAIV is not known:

Children aged <2 years or adults aged ≥50 years Pregnant women People with known or suspected immunodeficiency diseases or immunosuppressed states (including those caused by HIV) Children or adolescents receiving aspirin or other salicylates (because of the association of Reye syndrome with wild-type influenza virus infection) People who have other medical conditions that place them at increased risk for complications from influenza, including: Asthma or reactive airways disease Other chronic disorders of the pulmonary or cardiovascular system (except hypertension) Neurological/neuromuscular diseases Metabolic disease, such as diabetes mellitus Renal or hepatic dysfunction Hemoglobinapathies

The following are precautions for use of LAIV

Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) within 6 weeks of a previous dose of an influenza vaccine (IIV or LAIV)1
Presence of a moderate or severe acute illness with or without a fever.5 Persons who were hospitalized with an acute illness but who are now well enough to be discharged from a hospital can be vaccinated.

Lastly and again, Flu Shots just don't work:

A study published in the October 2008 issue of the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine found that vaccinating young children against the flu had no impact on flu-related hospitalizations or doctor visits during two recent flu seasons. The researchers concluded that "significant influenza vaccine effectiveness could not be demonstrated for any season, age, or setting" examined.

A large-scale, systematic review of 51 studies, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in 2006, found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo in children under 2. The studies involved 260,000 children, age 6 to 23 months.

So, glad I did not donate to the UMDF this year. I cringe to think of my donated dollars being used to send out this email.

Even if Abby were healthy, it would be insane or worse to give her medications that have little to no benefit and lots of potential danger. Pretty much like sending a 4 year old to climb Mt. Everest by themselves. Odds are they will fail, and odds are high they are going to get hurt and even if they succeeded? Benefits next to ZERO.

In my opinion odds are the flu shot would be more likely to trigger Mito then prevent it.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I too shudder to think of the impact tis will have on those with mito...
Boost vitamin D levels... more effective than any flu shot... oh and they bleieve it IS the reason the flu peaks inthe winter!! Duh!

Reagan Leigh said...

I don't mind donating to the UMDF, but I'm not a fan of this study! I cringed when I read the email as well! But it's nothing new to have mito doctors pushing vaccinations on mito kids...and then giving guilt trips to those who choose not to vaccinate (I can't tell you how many mito moms I see on Facebook giving that same guilt trip)!

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