WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Soaked" Buckwheat Hot Cereal(corn-free, soy free, dairy free, gluten free)

I realized I just haven't posted a whole lot lately. Abby is still losing foods instead of gaining so my need to be creative is on hold for the most part.

Since Abby's Project Elimination all of us in our house have become more aware of just how badly our food here in America is tainted with chemicals that are often neurotoxic or that contribute to autoimmune disorders, and just simply that prepared foods aren't as nutritious. So, I have continued to make foods that are free of corn,soy,gluten and chemicals for the rest of us and figured I really ought to stay in the habit of sharing.

For anyone who has had to go corn free you know how hard it is to avoid corn contamination. I have found the safest way to avoid corn contaminates for Abby is grind our flour. We do have flours we buy but when I can we grind our own. Plus, with higher protein flours they can go rancid and lose their flavor and nutrition over time. Storing the grains instead of buying the flour allows them a longer shelf life and better end result. It also means I have grain on hand for meals like this.

Abby is a big hot cereal fan, always has been since she was tiny. Over the last couple years she has discovered buckwheat and nothing makes her happier then about anything made from it.

For Hot Cereal we find a 50/50 blend sits best with her stomach and her taste buds. Right now we like 50 percent buckwheat groats and 50 percent rice.

I do have a grain mill and often use the "coarse" grind option to grind and then cook, but I also do like to soak. Obviously it is easier then hauling out the grain mill but soaking also provides a more easy to digest food. When I grind buckwheat for hot cereal I toast it first then grind. When I opt to soak instead I can skip that step which makes soaking that much more appealing.

Another option I use for the rest of us, though not Abby(fermented foods are a big no-no for those who are histamine sensitive) is "souring". I will let the grains soak for a few days giving them a stir when I walk by a time or two a day. This also breaks down the grain but we do it because we like the flavor from fermenting. So, if you soak your grains and forget about them? Don't worry, just stir and let the good flavor grow. I have let the grains soak up to a week.

We have used teff, millet etc instead of buckwheat in the past, but right now we are all about the buckwheat groats.

1/2 cup buckwheat groats
1/2 cup rice
pink himalayan salt
coconut oil.

I combine the buckwheat and rice and cover generously with water.

Drain, rinse in the morning. Add equal amounts of water and throw the grain with water in the blender. No matter how much you blend there will usually be a bit more coarse bits then commercial blends or with the grain mill but we like that it turns out hearty and offers a nice texture.

Pour into saucepan and add more water or milk of your choice also add a teaspoon or two of coconut oil(not needed but I try to sneak some in when I can) and a few good shakes of salt. I apologize but I don't measure. I usually add at least as much water as grain in the pan and keep the water close by to add more as it thickens. I cook it slow and stir frequently- it will burn on the bottom if you ignore it. Once it has cooked for about 15 minutes I add a bit more water and cover and take off the heat. I let is sit for another 5-10 until the grains are nice and tender. Some like their's thinner in our family so I stir in more coconut milk while other's like it thicker and I serve it as is.

I don't stir in anything while it cooks since we all have very different preferences. In this picture I had added honey, a spoonful of homemade coconut yogurt and raspberries. Another favorite mix is the yogurt,and toasted coconut flakes. Sauteed apples or pears, brown sugar, spice.. even a few spoonfuls of sweet potato(no pumpkin puree for Abby but sweet potato is our go to sub for pumpkin) and pumpkin pie spices... sky is the limit.

Don't throw the leftovers! I spoon into a greased pan,cover and place in the fridge. It set's up thick enough to slice. I will dip it and fry it(think french toast but a heavy stick to your ribs version) and serve it in slices later in the week. Or I will use some in a meatloaf or mix some into bean burgers. It is a great filler.


Clarissa said...

this sounds (and looks) amazing! thanks! we are in a major need of a diet detox, we have let junk food sneak back in. :( our son is still 100% dairy free and our other son is 100% peanut free... but we are having emotional fits from the littles and headaches for the biggers (me!) with the increase in junk foods the last few weeks! I'm praying I can get back to healthier foods for us all!

Diane said...

It is tough with little ones because when they are hungry, they are hungry right now! :-) Even though I don't have to avoid a lot I admit I feel better eating cleaner foods too. :-)

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