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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chickpea Divinity(corn free, soy free, dairy free, nut free)

I haven't tried the homemade cane syrup on this one yet.

How can you have Christmas without Divinity? Don't cringe! It doesn't have to be that funky tasting pink and pale blue puffs our grandmother's made.. and honestly, I always did secretly like the stuff! :-) Though I miss pecan's using the roasted chickpea's is a wonderful substitution.

Make it fresh. Divinity tastes great fresh, but if you leave it for more then a few day's it will start to taste like Grandma's!(Starting to wonder exactly how far in advance they used to make this stuff!)

4 cups sugar(domino's or C&H organic cane sugar)
1 cup Lyle's Golden cane syrup
3/4 cup cold water
3 egg whites
1 teaspoon vanilla(homemade)
2 cups chopped roasted chickpea's(my recipe here)

Combine sugar, golden syrup, and water in pot. On medium heat stir until sugar dissolves. Then place candy thermometer in and do not stir anymore. You want it to reach 250 degree's.

While you are waiting for it to hit 250 degree's, whip your egg whites to stiff peaks. I recommend a large bowl, when you add the hot sugar it will swell up a lot!

When the sugar hits 250 remove it from the heat and slowly drizzle into the egg whites while you whip. Add vanilla and get set to mix and mix and mix. I use a hand mixer on high. When the divinity starts to hold it's shape(as the mix cools it will start to hold it's shape)quickly mix in your chickpea's and then spoon onto parchment paper. Let it sit for a couple hours until completely cooled and set. Store in airtight container.


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