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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Medically Kidnapped- Maybe Your Child is Next..

While I am grateful Justina was reunited with her family it is clear she is still suffering serious consequences to her health from the lack of appropriate care,stress, and emotional damage from being alienated from her family, friends and education.

In the last few months the number of cases of children being medically kidnapped has exploded. Here are a few cases I have been following(if I have not summarized correctly my apologizes, please drop me a line so I can correct and make sure the right information gets out there.)

Newborn twins and their 1 year old brother because the family home birthed the twins(healthy)and declined going to the hospital. They also were using natural products for the oldest child's dry skin. These children are home again with continued "supervision". Yesterday a headline hit the National Media here saying that the UK recommends women home birth and avoid hospital births. hummm.

The sisters in AZ ( A miracle for two sisters) who were given feeding tubes and other interventions by a Dr. who according to reports on the support pages was fired then suddenly CPS showed and CPS immediately rehired the Dr. who the family had fired and he has reversed his treatment plan completely. This has been ongoing for months. The family courts put a gag order on the Mom who complied until recently. There are rumors they could seek her arrest for speaking publicly despite the gag order which isn't legal anyway. She hasn't been allowed to see her children in months. When her child was dropping insane amounts of weight and showed up to a visit covered in bruises the Mom reported the abuse and shortly after had her visitation revoked.

Then Isaiah Rider- truly a horrific case of CPS medically kidnapping. Currently he is 17 and still not receiving appropriate treatment. His right to a Pastor has been denied and despite him being in mind blowing pain from his medical disorder they decided to slap a security ankle bracelet on him- hospital staff told him, "they do it to everybody." When was the last time you had a security bracelet slapped on you or your child while at a hospital? CPS kidnapped him when his Mom requested a transfer to another hospital that has a promising treatment for his pain from his medical condition. At age 10-12 a child can pick which parent to live with during a divorce, a 12 year old can be certified as a babysitter for a newborn and at age 16(15 even?) a parent has the right to allow their child to get married. At age 16, 17 Military recruiters are combing through our teens trying to convince them to join and risk their lives when they turn 18 to protect our Country. So, why in the world would they feel this sick 17 year old needs to be removed from a loving family who is fighting to give him the best future? If you would like to help get Isaiah home please check his facebook page, Team Isaiah.

Another case in Canada again about disagreeing about a diagnosis popped up this morning.

There are other kidnapped children- an 8 year old little boy with suspected Mito..

Then here is a link to the HSLDA press release about a 4 year old and her brother who were kidnapped because a caseworker looked at the 4 year olds blood sugar log for her type 1 diabetes and decided she was being neglected. Yep, some caseworker who has no medical expertise. Even after the child's specialists, the CPS chosen hospital and Drs all declared the child was very healthy and the parent was doing a terrific job following the treatment plan for the child"s type 1 diabetes the courts and CPS were still not willing to return the children or hear the medical evidence. Lucky for these children their Mom had joined the HSLDA when she opted to home school. HSLDA has done a remarkable job defending them. I believe it was over a month before the children were returned to their Mom. Considering someone who commits a DUI may have no jail time.. or many other even violent crimes never see jail time, 30 days to separate young children from their Mom is forever. However,that is record time for a return! Most innocent families can expect it to take YEARS if ever to be reunited with their children. If you home school please consider joining HSLDA. If you would like to help HSLDA fight to preserve our Parental Rights there is a link to donate in the link I provided above. HSLDA has an outstanding history of supporting homeschool families. I was relieved to see their willingness to acknowledge this growing threat to the American family and our Parental Rights.

No one is safe right now. These families are diverse. No common threads beyond their children have medical disorders that have all been clearly diagnosed. There are many theories/opinions as to "why" there is this uptick in "parentectomies" as the Hospital paid CPS workers like to call them.. from the fact that the State/County gets a yearly bonus for each Foster child in care yearly and I read today if those children get adopted from foster care they continue to get a yearly bonus until the child is 18 even though the child is no longer in their custody. Then there is the medical trial theory. Research and drug trials need children, when families decide the high risks aren't worth it they have to find children somewhere.. There are loopholes in some states that allow Foster children to be experimented on even if it is high risk or gains are not clear. Then the theory that our government understands that our strength as citizens comes from being in strong families. Destroy the family and it makes it easier for us to depend on the government then ourselves. At this point this goes way beyond Dr. arrogance though I am sure that has played into a few cases. It doesn't matter "why" because the fact is it is wrong. They are destroying children. They are destroying families. These families lose everything. Who can afford 200 dollars an hour attorney's for 2 years at a time? I know I cannot.

Most attorneys recommend their clients remain silent about any disputes with CPS. That leads me to believe the number of families suffering medical kidnapping is beyond alarming.

Know your Drs. Know your Hospitals.

As parents we have the right to take our children to Drs. to either get another opinion, or to confirm a diagnosis, or to find a diagnosis. Don't let the Medical Systems deny your child the right to better health. Drs and Hospitals have NO RIGHTS to our Children. They give opinions- that is it.

This is America. Our freedoms are being stolen as are our children.

Take a stand.


Clarissa said...

Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I'd like to say! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The family with the twins had extenuating prior, and ongoing CPS concerns. The children were removed not so much for the alleged medical neglect, but for the prior and ongoing CPS concerns( DV, mental health issues with caretakers, etc). It is important to note that in this case.

Diane said...

I hadn't read that anywhere yet, can you share a link? Ty! Thanks for sharing!

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