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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Wonder Mix Review (NOT the new favorite I had thought it would be. )

With all the cooking I do to make sure Abby's food is as clean and safe for her as possible I have developed an addiction for kitchen appliances.

One of the big purchases awhile back was the Wonder Mill for grinding gluten free flour for Abby. It is one of the most remarkable pieces of kitchen equipment that I have ever bought. It makes amazingly fine flour that is truly commercial grade. It does it fast. It never clogs, it never has an issue and the results have been consistent, no matter how many times a week I have used it.

Despite all the cooking/baking I do I have for years depended on muscle and a hand mixer for years. I did own a kitchen aid for awhile but never did use it much. It was huge,heavy, bulky. The attachments were a pain to store and attach. Plus, I found that the attachments just did not perform as well as some other individual appliances. I dislike having every inch of my counters covered with appliances(as it is I have too many!!!) so it was not possible for me to haul out that monster mixer from a cabinet to use as needed-too heavy and it was an awkward shape to store in most cabinets. Keep in mind, I put my appliances through some heavy duty labor around here so I think kitchen aid is great for many home cooks, but not for us.

After the amazing experience with the Wonder Mill I saw they had just started selling a Wonder "Mixer". I was intrigued. While hand mixing and a hand mixer work fine, I do tend to kill handmixers at an alarming rate and it can be very tiring to mix by hand constantly. So I decided to go for it and buy the Wonder Mix.

I will break this down into Pro's and Con's.


1)Compact and lightweight. Very easy to store in even limited cabinet space.

2)Very large capacity mixing bowl.

3)Easy to use. It is different then most others on the market, but in a good way, very user friendly

4)A good selection of attachments available for purchase.

5)Easy to clean.(except the blender,below)

6)If you are a breadmaker, this is the machine for you! It hands down does a remarkable job kneading bread dough and I have never had a loaf turn out so amazing with such little effort, honestly, the one loaf I made from wheat flour was hands down the best loaf I have ever made in my life.

7) It does make great Mayo in the blender. The lid does have a center that pop's out so I can drizzle oil effortlessly.(the ninja doesn't)also the low speed option is perfect for mayo making.

8) Wonder Mill is a terrific company and were receptive and made sure to replace the motor when I rapidly burnt it out trying to make nut butter.

9) Simple commonsense design and just 1 color so no stress over picking the right color. In my kitchen I focus on performance vs color.


1)Much louder then I thought it would/should be.

2)Despite what the user manual claimed, you cannot make nut butters in the blender, within a minute or two it was burnt out and needed replacement. I am still using my Ninja that faithfully without effort puree's about anything with ease in comparison.

3)It is all plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy carry/move but just doesn't have that durable feel I wish it had. Perhaps an option to order a stainless steel bowl or glass blender would be great. Being that the bowl is plastic I cannot make candies(marshmallows, divinity, fudge) and other candies that would benefit from a mixer vs the exhaustion of whipping by hand or with a hand mixer.

4) Cleaning the blender is a chore. The blade at the base doesn't come out.

5) 3 speeds. Not much variability between the 3 speeds.

6) I have concerns about any of the attachments as they would use the same mount as the blender, since it was unable to make nut butter(as the product claimed it should)I suspect none of the attachments would be able to perform at a level that I need without burning out and breaking another motor.

7) The attachments are far more expensive then Kitchen Aid attachments(another reason for my hesitation)

8) Since it is new, it is not widely used and therefore no blogs, websites and users to get user tips to get the most from the machine.

9) No color selection.

While I ADORE my Wonder Mill and would recommend it without hesitation to anyone, I just would not recommend the Wonder Mix.

The only group that I would recommend the Wonder Mix for would be the diehard gluten bread bakers. Unfortunately, I would not recommend it for anyone else.

Besides Mayo, it has sat in the box collecting dust. My other appliances just are better. I spent a lot of money on a machine I only use for Mayo.

I am however, very hopeful that they will work the bugs out of this product. It could have been a remarkable addition to my kitchen.

To close this review, BUY the WonderMill, but in my opinion, DO NOT buy the Wonder Mix.


Ida Walker said...

Thanks for the review. As a very happy owner and user of the WonderMill, I was tempted to get the Wonder Mix. I think I'll wait.

Brent said...

The attachments actually hook on to where the bowl hooks on and they work quite well, my favorite is the meat grinder.

Diane said...

Brent, you were terrific helping with my replacement. Excellent customer service which I love about your company. I am very bummed that is not the right mixer for us.. But, compared to many we do an insane amount of cooking and processing around here. I ADORE the Wonder Mill and will continue to recommend it. I am sure there are plenty out there that will appreciate the Wonder Mix- just not our heavy duty cooking family.

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