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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


You know, sometimes you don't realize how well things are rolling until you run into trouble.

Overall Abby has been stable- not great, but not bad either. Little issues that are just going to be a part of her life, but in general she was on a pretty good run. With the longer periods of stable we don't seem to see as many truly good days with her but on a positive we sure don't get as many bad days.. It all balances out.

About 2 weeks ago she tumbled into a flare.. the bladder pain and bleeding, the odd sleep schedule,GI issues, the proteinuria, muscle pain and headaches and the odd hickey like rashes are on her skin.

We have gone over again and again what could have possibly triggered this one, and for the life of us we just cannot pinpoint anything in particular. Either some cold/virus since we have passed a few around and Derek has been back and forth to France which means who knows what type of fun bugs he was exposed to on the plane or there or could be just the season change. It really has been an unusual Houston spring this year. Late and cooler and wetter then the last few years. Certainly plenty of pollen the last few days as well. Sometimes once she is in a flare, any little trigger can continue to keep her flared until we can empty out the bucket.

During a flare, we just have learned to sit back and wait it out. Usually after a few days we start seeing some small improvements, at least enough to settle that worry that is growing deep in the pit of my stomach that maybe this time something really bad is going to break with her. But, again and again her body does it's magic and bounces out the flare just in the nick of time.

This time she is 2 weeks into a good flare and no signs of improvement. Last week I was getting anxious. I kept saying to myself - don't worry, any day now things will settle out. But, while she was no worse over the weekend she still isn't on the mend yet.

I hated to do but we went ahead and had her get labs done. Usually when we panic the labs come back fine! So, we are kind of hoping her body gets tricked into behaving with this flare as well.

The pollen should be be settling down and the spring will be over in a blink of an eye, so hopefully she will be back to a nice steady stable quicker then the labs take coming back.

I remember when the girls were little and would be sick and run a fever. After a few days I knew it was time to take them and let the Dr. take a look, and wouldn't you know it, but 5 out of 10 times by the time we actually got to the Dr. office the fever would be gone and they would be all sorts of bouncy and ready to roll! We are hoping for the same thing this time around- we called her bodies bluff! :-)

Overall though she hasn't lost any foods recently- which is a huge relief. She is still tolerating the peanuts but in small amounts. I suspect the fat content and just that nuts are difficult to digest keep her from enjoying more then a bit at a time. But hey, a bit is better then none!

Abby turns 20 in April. Crazy since she is our "baby'. Hoping the flare will be over and she will have a nice healthy 20th birthday!


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