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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Genetic Testing at Kiosk Near You!

You go to the mall and stop by the G-Kiosk. Rub a test strip across your tongue and deposit it..pick an option. 1) basic risk factors. 2) preparing to get pregnant 3)life lengthening tips 4)Full scan including all disease risks. 5)Epigenetic changes since your last visit... 5 minutes later a printout pops out and you are on your merry way.

Your whole genetic self, like a snapshot in front of you.

It is important to know yourself, inside and out.

There is a key card that comes with your printout. You quickly scan your results and you are on your way to better health.

So we don't have it yet, but I see it coming soon enough. I cannot wait!

Would it not be terrific to know what foods work best for your body?

Would it not be terrific to quickly compare your genetic's with your partner to help decide child planning?

Would it not be terrific to know if you had been exposed to toxins?(epigenetic)

Would it not be terrific to know which medicines were safe or dangerous?

Whether you would fair better in heat or cold? Humid or dry?

To know you are higher risk for certain cancers? Might help you decide whether that bacon was worth it..

To whether or not you were immune to certain infectious disease? Or whether the vaccines would cause disability in you? No vaccines needed for you!

To prevent diseases like Mitochondrial Disease, MCAS, Autism, MS and so many others that toxins contribute to????

To know if your microbiome needed a quick tune up(serving of homemade Kraut anyone?)

Of course we will always need Genetic Specialists, we are far too complex to not need them.. but it would create a new Professional, a genetic consultant who could help you plan nutrition or exercise or workplace exposures or what you needed to eat for an optimal pregnancy based on your very own and very individual genetics.

Companies like 23 and me are bringing us that much closer to better lives. To more affordable and accessible healthcare.

Our basic selves that we have access to that we don't have to rely on Drs, hospitals and Specialists.. It would be better for them too! They would reduce their patient load to only those that truly need their help and where environment changes would not matter. We would be healthier in general and need fewer Drs.. Our Drs. are terribly overworked. It can take a year to get into the right Specialist.. with the ability to access our own information in a fast and timely matter it would make their job easier. A person might even find that they don't need the Dr, that they just need to avoid green beans or quit taking motrin.


If this type of technology was available when Abby was a baby? I bet she would be finishing her Masters right now.. dating, working.. instead of home bound and ill. We could have avoided so much and created a very special and targeted diet that was safe for her and prevented so much damage.

How many Abby's are out there?

A genetic Kiosk machine could prevent permanent disabilities in MILLIONS.

People would have the power to make the right choices for their bodies, that in itself would be a breakthrough for mankind. Our weary medical system could scale back, they would have more time and more resources to accurately diagnosis and treat the far fewer patients that needed them.

Yep, when the option pops up for me to buy stocks in the G-Kiosk? I am going ALL-IN.


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