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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Prevention of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

According to many articles the majority of cases of Mitochondrial damage are manmade. Either environmental exposures or iatrogenic(Medication/Dr caused).

There is a long and growing list of medications that can either cause or trigger Mitochondrial damage.

There is a growing list of chemicals that can cause or trigger mitochondrial damage.

No requirements by the FDA or USDA to test for mitochondrial safety or label.

When you first enter the Mito World you will be met with awareness activities ALL toward finding a cure.

Almost NO awareness activities geared toward Prevention.

Wouldn't it make sense for the Mito Community to be SCREAMING at the rooftops to label or avoid these medications and chemicals?

If mainstream medicine KNEW these medications were the cause of the bigger chunk of mito patients, wouldn't they stop prescribing them or at least watch a patient much closer, and at least WARN a patient that there was a chance the medication could destroy their life?

Wouldn't prevention be the CHEAPEST way to protect thousands of lives?

Finding a cure costs a lot more. If we focus on a cure vs prevention our Mito Community will continue to grow rapidly. Who does that benefit? Not the thousands of preventable cases. Not the ones dying or disabled who wait..

With the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA is medical care, apparently "first do no harm" is no longer priority.

It would be cheaper, and better and less harmful for patients to focus on prevention.

But as a community we don't. Patients, Specialists, advocates a like only focus on finding that "cure".

Give me a choice between waiting for a cure or preventing a degenerative disease that has no treatment? I will take prevention even if it means a little discomfort going without a medication.

I ask myself daily, "Why is nothing being done to prevent an often preventable disease?"

I carry a lot of Momma guilt that over the years medications, food choices, environmental choices might have caused Abby's delicate health. However, I know it wasn't my fault. I TRUSTED that if the food was in a grocery store it was safe. If a chemical was sold at a home improvement store and approved by our Government it was safe. I know better now.

I could just focus on finding a cure for Abby,

What about my neighbor, my cousin, my friends? If we know, we can prevent mitochondrial damage in many.

Wouldn't it be better to have never had mito in the first place?


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