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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Move...

3 weeks with no cable,no phone and no internet.

We lived.

I honestly cannot count the number of times we have moved at this point, but this will be one of the more memorable.

Even closing had it's hiccup's. The latest is a broken water heater(please let them replace it today!). Boiling water for cleaning dishes is a little more homesteading then we are interested in! :-) Cold showers when you want one are great but not so great when you have no other choice. Just a little hiccup though, and hasn't changed our optimism.

I had grand plans to have so much accomplished by the end of our first month, and while much has been done, nothing on my dream list for owning a sizable piece of property. Things move slower.

To our great joy the well water here agree's incredibly well with Abby. While it is still tiring for her to shower she can shower without fainting and the amount of rashing and hives is greatly reduced. That alone made the move to this new life well worth it. We are just now using it for cooking her food and are hopeful that it will be as remarkable. Funny how something so simple as clean and pure water is so hard to find these days. That reality is shocking to me that in America of all places finding clean(free of chemicals) water is so difficult and at a premium. The rest of us have benefitted too, our skin is much happier and for the first time in many years I am not breaking out in hives with every shower.

We haven't seen any huge miracles but starting to see lots of tiny ones. A couple times now Abby has taken a walk down the driveway(very long).. and that tiny miracle has kept a smile on my face even when realizing I made the wrong paint choice for the living room! :-) I honestly cannot remember the last time Abby was able to walk that far outside... remarkable.

While we still don't have chickens or a garden, I at least know where I will be putting them. Progress.

It has been many years since I have enjoyed such privacy and space. Every morning I step outside with my coffee and have to pinch myself, having elbow room and still close to work for Derek is a dream. Deer, fireflies, a pond with a swelling abundance of frogs that sing us to sleep each evening- truly a little slice of heaven.

I am so hopeful today that these tiny gains for Abby will continue.

My old body is telling me exactly how little exercise I was getting in the suburbs, but each day along with Abby I get a little stronger.

Hope is a beautiful thing, but moving? Not so much. :-) Well worth it though.


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