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Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Focus On PREVENTION for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness.

Mito is frequently acquired. (So far only 22 -30 percent are genetically diagnosed, and based on the study of epigenetic's plenty of those mutations are potentially "manmade.")

When you read the research you will often see the term "environmental" for causes. This is a huge category. It includes, chemicals in our food(pesticides,fungicides,herbicides,medications and hormones),lack of nutrition in our food,chemicals that damage our microbiome, in our water,(medications that recycle through the water treatment,chemical runoff not being filtered out) in our homes(cleaning products,building products,insecticides,lawn treatments,car exhaust,skin and hair products) and the BIGGEST contributor being MEDICATIONS.

The FDA doesn't require either testing or listing on medication that they are mito toxic or potentially mito toxic. From vaccines to Tylenol more medications then I care to list have the potential to damage your mitochondria.

If we focus on PREVENTION we wouldn't have to focus on a cure.

For Mito Awareness this month- research your medications. Or work on eating cleaner food and water. Try replacing some of your household chemicals with less toxic alternatives.

Just because the Dr. prescribes it- doesn't make it safe.

Right now the only Dr. that probably is aware of the Mito toxicity of your medications/environment (at least somewhat aware even if they don't do the best job sharing this information) is your Mito Specialist. It is on your shoulders to do the research. Since the FDA doesn't require testing or labeling this is no easy feat, but it is easier then having Mito. It might help keep a patient more stable by avoiding Mito Toxins. Since most Drs. in most specialities still have no idea what Mito is,or what it looks like, or that it can be primary or secondary or acquired, they certainly have no idea that some of the medications they prescribe could potential cause or make a patient become worse.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies actually do now study their medications to figure out if they are mito toxic- so they know, but aren't required to tell.

What if we could prevent even just 5 or 10 percent of patients from acquiring Mito just by properly labeling the medications. Especially since right now there is NO CURE at all!

Don't get me wrong, I want Abby cured, but I wish more then anything that it had been prevented in the first place.

Mito,autism,food allergies,Mast Cell Activation Syndrome,Multiple Chemical Sensitivity,EoE,ADD,seizure disorders and more childhood diseases are skyrocketing at terrifying rates.

Prevention first.

When the dam breaks, do we try to rebuild the village first, or do we fix the dam first? We fix the dam in order to PREVENT further damage, and then we clean up and fix what was broken.

The dam is broken- our children are being swept away,time for us to fix the dam.


Laura said...

They should have to reveal all studies and information about any drug.

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