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Friday, November 6, 2015

No New Funky Symptoms

For the first time in a few years Abby has gone over 4 months without a "new" and "weird" symptom!

Granted, she has had her normal flares.. and the normal gamut of symptoms.. BUT nothing new in months, is worth celebrating around here!

The well water continues to be a huge gift. While she will still react if it is too warm(or too cold) for her, at least she can shower without throwing up or fainting or being ill for 2 weeks after the fact. They still exhaust her and energy wise it takes her a couple days to recover enough from a shower to ready up for another, but a huge improvement in her quality of life to even be able to shower!

We use the well water for cooking now- and no problems!

Unfortunately, we really have not gained any new foods for her yet. Though it has just been 4 months and the hay fever season has been a big one not to mention living rural among the fields and tree's. We have gone back and tried a few and no improvement on her tolerance so we are just going to give her body some more time.

Our bodies are programed to heal. Granted, not all damage can be undone, but we have faith that we can at least keep her this stable.. and will always be hopeful that she will gain other positives with the right tweaks to her environment. Just that she can shower now and then and new funky symptoms has made it very clear to us that environment is everything.

She is still catching every cold that comes near her. Her energy level hasn't really improved. She is incredibly sensitive. She has been trying to go outside for a few minutes now and then but often ends up with hives, nausea and muscle pain though now and then she can step outside and be okay for a few minutes. So, that too can wait a little longer. She has her good days where she can be on her feet longer, and then still the bad days where just getting out of her bed is a challenge. We do notice that when she reacts it happens faster now.. on a positive it makes it much easier to pinpoint what caused the kidneys, stomach,heart etc symptoms, but bothersome that it seems the reactions are more defined and worse.. On the other hand, with the new environment she seems to be recovering a little quicker.. or at least that is how the past 4 months have played out. I have learned never to assume things won't change with her.

Our chickens are growing so fast! Another couple months and they will be laying for her. Of course she cannot go near them for long, they cause her to react! Feathers! But she has always been reactive to feathers and fur so no surprise.. I admit, they get to my allergies as well but manageable! Plus, they are amazing little birds. Who knew? They all have names now and while we still plan to get "broilers or fryers" down the road I know it is going to be hard.. they have so much personality. I am just grateful this first bunch are all for laying, knowing I am not going to be eating this first flock is a huge relief for all of us! We are so excited! The fall garden has produced green beans, bok choy, italian parsley, rosemary for her and a few others for the rest of us. The carrots are growing like weeds now that it has cooled down some so soon there will be plenty of those for her. We hope this spring we will have a much, much larger garden(working on beds and fencing now)and hoping to add a few beehives if no other critters.

We noted signs of feral hogs in the back fields a couple weeks back but haven't noticed anything new since the heavy rain- we are hoping they have moved on. We continue to see the deer now and then but they keep a distance, which is good! Our biggest grief has been the fire ants- without chemicals there is very little we can do but to watch carefully where we walk. With winter coming we will get a break for awhile though.

So, overall? The Move was worth the grief. :-) Hoping for a great winter this year!


Kristy Williams said...

So great to hear that the move has been positive & Abby seems to be gaining some footing!

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