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Friday, January 13, 2017

Compost or Precious?

Before going corn-free a 1/4 cup of leftover graham cracker crumbs I would have tossed without hesitation. Today I get excited to have leftover crumbs.

Before going corn-free steps to graham cracker crumbs:

1) Buy a box of graham crackers

2) make crumbs

3) I noticed they also sell boxes of graham crumbs so that would be just opening the box!

After going Corn-free:

1) Find corn-free grains and flour. More complex when you are also gluten and nut free.

2) Grinding your own flours from the grains that took weeks to find with the least likelihood of corn contamination. Some flours we are lucky to find others we have to make by grinding. (So add a grain mill to your shopping list)

3) Finding safe local honey. Not as easy as you would think.

4) Finding safe salt- this for whatever reason is often purely personal tolerance so recommendations aren't always helpful.

5) Find safe sugar. C&H is the current gold star. Again, different tolerances to various levels of contamination.

6) Find Blackstrap molasses. We use Plantation brand. Now make your own brown sugar because for many store bought brown sugar isn't safe.

7) Find safe "fat". We use Tropical Traditions coconut oil or palm shortening. Not cheap. Also must be ordered online. No last minute running to the store.

8) Make safe "milk". Or find safe local dairy or goat. First you have to find safe coconut or rice or nuts if you can have them. Boxed alternative milks are often not just enriched(just consider all enriched foods as corn tainted) but many other ingredients and the carton itself can be lined with corn tainted wax.

9) Find safe baking soda and cream of tartar to make your own baking powder. For most with corn allergies store bought isn't safe.

10)Now you are ready to try about 10 or 15 recipes you have to alter slightly to get a graham cracker worth baking and eating.

11) Lastly you need to either have a safe plastic bag to pound your crackers into crumbs(ziplock brand used by many)or have a blender or food processor.

12) After all of that you can see why those crumbs are now precious!

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